(HD) Trans Siberian Orchestra Finale Beethoven/Requiem

Finale Vancouver, BC Nov 12, 2010-Rogers Arena.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “(HD) Trans Siberian Orchestra Finale Beethoven/Requiem”

  1. mistabone66crush says:

    wow very well shot thanks check out my? channel some time

  2. AirRiflemann1 says:

    I Went To? See These Guy’s In Concert And It Was Cool

  3. telmer6 says:

    At the show I went to, the big screen behind them had? a few stuck pixels… :/

  4. MrThelastwalker says:

    I was at this show! And I have to say, this is the only concert/orchestra that I? will ever go to!

  5. cyn37211 says:

    Anyone notice the dancing girls are used more & more every year? I never know what to say to them? in the M&G , what “oh you dance good”. If Paul gives them poles to use I’m gonna quit going.

  6. deadbabyfootball says:

    He didn’t need a patch cord.. most? professionals go wireless now

  7. danastasiei says:

    wireless systems?

  8. TwssMatt94 says:

    Where was his guitar chord when he? was running all over the place??

  9. chopsngravey says:

    that was a fantastic review of the TSO BAND…. thank you on behalf of the entire TOUR.. I’m one of the many singers… and that made my night to hear someone say such a nice thing…. the band works very hard to create that TSO sound and it works…. thank you? .. Peter Shaw / TSO

  10. WokaWokaBlip says:

    It’s? a sit down concert, I don’t know what the issue people have with that is.

  11. Curtis Wellhausen says:

    You say people are sitting, but? come to Detroit, the DETROIT ROCK CITY, now when they come here now thats a show and people go crazy! Here where they come out an talk to us. /watch?v=TWqhzdwgpQo

  12. treekat73 says:

    Even if it may be a little bit disappointing, they are doing what they love… And that’s playing music with their band… There’s? a certain thrill that you get by simply just being there on the stage, (typically) having an amazing time… Bands like them would play their music for free, and not really give much of a crap if people liked them or not. They do this because they love it.

  13. Savatageaddict777 says:

    Great Post. Killer pan from Angus Clark To Catlin Moe. Can not get enough of watching there SHOW! Interesting how as huge as the? special effects are the band still dominates.

  14. churchofthefonz1 says:

    And let’s not forget Caitlin Moe, the angel on violin in this video…another? stunner w/mad skills!!

  15. churchofthefonz1 says:

    Maximus!!!? Maximus!!!