Halo 4 News – Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Tom Green (Thomas Lasky) Interview

I had the opportunity to fly to Vancouver, BC and check out the set of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. I was joined by my fellow Halo Waypoint Monitors and community members Nevin Douglas (CruelLEGACEY) and Jeff Easterling (GrimBrotherOne). We hung around the set, met the cast and crew, and filmed some interviews with the talented actors and 343 Industries employees that helped make the series possible. In this video I interview Tom Green, the talented dancer-turned-actor who plays the role of Thomas Lasky in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. www.CruelLEGACEYProductions.com http www.youtube.com Be sure to watch Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Part 1: www.halowaypoint.com Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Part 2: www.halowaypoint.com —————- Around the Web—————- Join the community: www.ReadyUpLive.com Follow me on Twitter twitter.com Become a fan: www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “Halo 4 News – Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Tom Green (Thomas Lasky) Interview”

  1. mrnugets12 says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t hear you through your? horrible spelling. Did you say you like to suck cock?

  2. FlatChels09 says:

    ur an idiot have u thought they might not like his acting or somin its always oh silly cod fans i h8 cod? i like bf3 and halo doesn’t make me dislike people like you are retarded

  3. jzavala07 says:

    just started watching it. it’s pretty? good.

  4. Nicholas Williamson says:

    No, but most Battlefield fans won’t go around disliking every? video that features a rival game.
    The problem is people who actually think that Halo 4 is a CoD ripoff.

  5. XDarkSpiritStudiosX says:

    Always the CoD players hm??

  6. ashbnemi says:

    true. his dancing brought? me here

  7. Mehmet Erdogmus says:

    Me to bro, Die hard BF3 and Halo fan. Love those games. They are? just perfection in Realism and Sci-fi. <3

  8. VioletPoprockOnFMA says:

    Oh my god he’s adorable! ? >.<

  9. Jake MacNamara says:

    hes of dance? academy awesome show here in Australia

  10. LPSParodien says:

    <3? <3

  11. Retributionify says:

    and getting famous and making lots of money :P?

  12. ashbnemi says:

    he knows he didnt know shit about the game lol he? was too busy dancing

  13. codysimpsonluvr2012 says:

    soo happy? he did ballet then i would never have known tom from dance academy <3

  14. godlygamer911 says:

    Or they just find him to be an idiot? like I do.

  15. a2stewcraft says:

    why is there an ad for halo4 trailer? but when you click it bring up assassins creed 3 ?

  16. mazillion2 says:

    i love halo, battlefield,? and COD. in that order; halo the most. it’s not like you can only love one and you must hate the others…

  17. TheKieren235 says:

    well its the 5th. waitin for it to air! (:?

  18. butt3rs620 says:

    Not a movie, it’s? a series.

  19. adambelfast1 says:

    this is not considered or being passed off as a? movie and the first episode will be aired? on the 5th of next month