guns n’ roses civil war w/ duff mckagan

vancouver bc december 17th 2011 hey duff if you end up watching this….thanks for preforming at the concert buddy! sorry the picture sucks……..sound ain’t bad though

15 Responses to “guns n’ roses civil war w/ duff mckagan”

  1. DaniellaVanillaZ says:

    You? MUST be deaf dumb & blind dude. No offence! ;p

  2. Ethanolus says:

    You where right, if? we lived 20 years ago. This sounds like crap.

  3. BMIZ311 says:

    I’ve only heard one band that used two bassists – check? out the band “Ned’s Atomic Dustbin”. They were a really unusual (but good!) “alternative” UK rock band in the 90’s. Haven’t thought of them in years…. your post just reminded me of them.

  4. MrPENGTINGZ says:

    ive seen that video, its a joke about the slash tshirt from the uploader and commenters … you can;’t see? the tshirt so its a silly joke because its not been explained

  5. jimakospaokg4 says:

    maybe try not to upset me but how about his fans ? i saw a video where a fan paid the ticket to see him live and because he was wearing a? t-shirt of slash axl called the security to kick him out of the concert. what a good behavor from a frontman….

  6. MrPENGTINGZ says:

    you say he’s an asshole…well have you ever met him has he ever personally upset you? you do not have to believe it all, media hate him anyway, he might not be to bad after all… i get called an asshole alot but people who know me personally know i am not. if he doesnt try to upset you he aint a dick, but if you met him? and he was a prick to you fairs.

  7. jimakospaokg4 says:

    thats your opinion 🙂 thats why you search for civil war gnr w/ duff and no slash civil war. i think axl is a great singer but i dont like him because he is an asshole, an piece of shit with a big ego. thats why he? didnt showed up at rock n roll hall of fame

  8. MrPENGTINGZ says:

    i watched an? Axl Rose and Dj Ashba interview about 6 months ago

  9. MrPENGTINGZ says:

    Myles Kennedy is an amazing singer i love him,? i prefer Axl and his new band it has that strange thing the rest of ex members lineups are missing

  10. jimakospaokg4 says:

    axl was better singer when? he were the same age with myles but now myles i think is better tha axl

  11. 8steelheart says:

    you are just another? slash lover and not knowing what the real music is.grow up.this are guns n roses.period.

  12. 8steelheart says:

    who? is myles kennedy???

  13. cheranguista says:

    these musicians are hired Guns (no pun intended), Axl dont give interviews, neither these guys, is so stupid , at least let them be part? of the band, no appearence at the Hall of fame from axl, he really dont care about the hardcore fans, we just want a Appettite reunion; even Mustaine and Hetfield are friends now; but Axl and Slash cant, idiotss

  14. Luís F. Dias says:

    Guns N’ Roses ô/ o Duff divia voltar pro Guns ia ser muito bom né não? Esse já foi o 1º passo pro retorno da banda XD Se a banda Black Sabath voltou depois de mais de 30? anos….

  15. brinpol says:

    Nah, chuck out Stinson and the rest of the replacements? AND BRING BACK THE ORIGINALS!