Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

First song off the new album + a world-wide tour. How’s that sound? GRIZZLY BEAR — New Album Out September 17/18, 2012. Pre-order now. iTunes – Amazon CD – Amazon Vinyl – Bleep (CD/vinyl UK) – ——— GRIZZLY BEAR WORLD TOUR 2012 Visit for ticket links. SEPTEMBER 16 Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee Theater 17 Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle 18 Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium 20 Washington, DC @ 9 Club 21 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club 22 Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theater 23 Montreal, QC @ L’Olympia 24 New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall 26 Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall 28 Cincinnati, OH @ MidPoint Music Festival 29 Champaign, IL @ Pygmalion Music Festival 30 Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre OCTOBER 01 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue 04 Portland, OR @ Keller Auditorium 05 Seattle, Washington @ Paramount Theatre 06 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom 09 Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater 10 Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater 17 Gateshead, UK @ The Sage Gateshead 18 Manchester, UK @ Academy 20 Glasgow, UK @ Barrowland Ballroom 21 Coventry, UK @ Warwick Arts Centre 22 London, UK @ Brixton Academy 26 Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller 27 Stockholm, Sweden @ Berns Salonger 28 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Falconer Salen 30 Hamburg, Germany @ Uebel & Gefärlich 31 Berlin, Germany @ Astra NOVEMBER 02 Köln, Germany @ Essigfabrik 03 Paris, France @ Pitchfork Festival 04 Brussels, Belgium @ Ancienne Belgique 05 Amsterdam, Holland @ Paradiso 20 Wellington, New Zealand @ Opera House 21

24 Responses to “Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute”

  1. wilmeister4 says:

    that’s what? i thought

  2. 3JazzyJay3 says:

    Opinions can neither be objective nor wrong (ie false). That’s the very thing that makes them opinions!?

  3. wilmeister4 says:

    lol i’m not arguing you’re just wrong. that’s? it

  4. PabloPaPe says:

    A hipster page sent me here, hehe?

  5. Digby Edward Billington says:

    Check out my band Billington on this youtube channel. We sound pretty much nothing like this, but you might like? us anyway.

  6. Friedl123 says:

    Best song I’ve heard in aaaaages.?

  7. thePloppingpoop says:

    Grizzly? Bear is amazing .

  8. FERG0DEATH says:

    Goddamn I? love Grizzly Bear.

  9. DJandWilley says:

    I already said it wasn’t? about influence. I’m not trolling you haha

  10. longhorn0815 says:

    I love Dr. Dog. I’d agree that they are the closest thing to a modern “indie rock” version of the Beatles that exists, and their newest album is pretty flawless. But stop trolling me, go listen to Sargent Pepper’s Lonely? Hearts Club Band beginning to end and see that all the wit, charm, off the wall melodies, and drug induced experimentalism found in Dr. Dogs stuff was directly influenced by the Beatles. Nobody can set out to fill the shoes of the Beatles if they werent there in the first place

  11. DJandWilley says:

    Well that’s not how that works, and? I’m not trying to be a part of some long drawnout youtube argument that spirals into nonsense, so let’s just drop it here and agree to disagree.

  12. wilmeister4 says:

    that’s the thing though, you? ARE objectively wrong. your opinion is not only a bad one but a wrong one

  13. DJandWilley says:

    Eh it was one album dedicated to the Beatles with full original songs. I think their songs were better than the Beatles and they felt more powerful. Obviously I can’t be objectively wrong? about that. That makes no sense.

  14. wilmeister4 says:

    you are objectively wrong. how could dr. dog be more “real” than them? they just copy the beatles. that’s not “being? real”.

  15. DJandWilley says:

    My bad, just got involved in a string of music talk that strayed? away.

  16. johnrechy1 says:

    Sounds like a song from Hearts? Little Queen Album mashed up with Dylan’s Mr. jones song..

  17. GrantNP says:

    I like Dr. Dog more than the Beatles as well, but even with We All? Belong the comparison is only slightly more understandable. As for intentions, you can’t really know exactly what they were trying to do more than what they actually did.
    This is a Grizzly Bear video anyways, so we should be discussing Grizzly Bear.

  18. DJandWilley says:

    Dr. Dog’s We All Belong touched on a lot? of similar techniques and points that the Beatles were known to. Also I don’t consider the time a band was around very important. I’m not talking about influence here, I’m just talking about the quality of music and how successfully they were able to get their intentions across.

  19. bewareeljubjub says:

    Can’t believe I’m reading comments comparing Dr. Dog to the Beatles.
    No one can touch the Beatles. Innovative songwriting. Great vocals. Superior? musicianship in every way.

    I wouldn’t quite compare Grizzly Bear to the Beatles since they don’t have a Paul McCartney who was just a master of quite a few different instruments. But the song-writing is top notch, the vocals arguably just as good, the lyrics more interesting, and the musicianship is superior to everything else out right now.

  20. GrantNP says:

    Wait what are you seriously comparing Dr. Dog to The Beatles? The Beatles are overrated? but they’re still one of the greatest bands of all time, even if they’re not personally one of my favorite bands. Dr. Dog doesn’t even sound like the Beatles anyways, plus you have to consider the times in which they’re making their music.
    What a silly discussion this is.

  21. DJandWilley says:

    Eh, Beatles were good, a bit overhyped obviously because nothing could possibly live up to that hype. I just feel like Dr. Dog is? more real than they were, as well as having more emotion in their vocals.

  22. wilmeister4 says:

    that’s because? you’re dumb

  23. kureece2k8 says:

    that’s the most? badass thing i’ve ever heard

  24. furiesuk says:

    Awesome song!!! Take? a look at our first video for our song “On your own” via our channel!