Green Couch Session – Current Swell Part One

We were all excited as we drove into Coombs BC . It was our first time to this part of Vancouver Island and we were instantly charmed, even in the rain, by our surroundings. We were in the area filming a short documentary about the Kulth Music Festival . From the creators of Soundwave this newbie on the Festival scene went amazingly well for its first year. Mud wrestling puddle jumping fun and dancing in the sun was enjoyed by everyone who attended. On our first day to this awesome little town we visited the internationally know Old Country Market and asked the owner if he would host a Green Couch Session with the goats on the roof. We were stoked when he replied, “TOTALLY!” For those of you who have never seen Goats on the Roof… It really is just that… goats on a roof! Current Swell are our favorite Victoria band and since our first session with them never happen due to a super snowfall / blizzard we were especially excited to film with them in this epic location. Not only did the awesome people at the Old Country Market let us film on the roof with the goats… they had two goat wranglers up there with us giving the goats their favorite treats to stay in the shot! Current Swell played two songs on the Green Couch ‘For The Land’ and ‘Too Cold’
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Green Couch Session – Current Swell Part One”

  1. Ferg Ferguson says:

    This was shot in my home town.. We’ll done, boys.? Great tune.

  2. SilverFlame819 says:

    I think “Canadia” sounds much more fun, so I use it frequently. Gives my mental image? of Canada a good boost. 🙂

  3. red0tape says:

    born and raised on Vancouver Island. =D? anyone else?

  4. red0tape says:

    LOL canadia.. as someone? from Canada, i find Americans hilarious. but this one does have a fantastic taste in music 🙂

  5. crimsonsamuraiftw says:

    I Love It!?

  6. omegaabitchh says:

    Last time I was on the Alberni Hwy, we were so tired from the drive from Duncan to Ukuelet that my boyfriend and I pulled over just before the summit on the way back &? slept in 5 ft of snow..(15 ft in the plow tracks) ..there was ice on the inside of the windows it was so damn chilly. Crappy thing is, I couldn’t even show him Long beach since we arrived after dark. Just heard some Sea Lions fighting.

  7. dhaeze says:

    bluegrass/folk or whatever it is? with a korg: original!

  8. MrPremo24 says:

    I I? That guys an idiot

  9. ladive88 says:

    Hey youtube friends! Check out “Key to my roots”. It’s me and my brother having fun making? music.? We just started 2 weeks ago and not stoping anytime soon.enjoy:)

  10. coryb93 says:

    this music sucks ass!?

  11. theyayeahs says:

    This? is unreal music!

  12. GreenCouchFilms says:

    Thank you so much everyone for such positive comments! Current Swell are fantastic musicians and people… and? nothing beats Goats on the Roof!!

  13. creativem2 says:

    I hear some Old Crow? influence in this.

  14. carrickshepherd83 says:

    sick tunes boys?

  15. marcelsbm says:

    Canadian music is where? it is at!

  16. tottivictorsk8 says:

    americans ?? they’re canadians.

  17. TheGamingGod360 says:

    WOW real music.. That is a rarity for us americans
    Keep up? the great work

  18. omegaabitchh says:

    I have a pic of my brother and I sitting outside “Goats on the Roof” in Coombs when I was a wee 8 year old! Really cool to see? local music with local videos…Vancouver Island is the most gorgeous place, an artist’s paradise…I’ve always lived here and loved it….always will!