Grateful Dead – Loose Lucy 5-17-1974 Vancouver BC – AUDIO

From another great 74 show, check out Keith on this.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check it out. G Love playin out on the street, pre show interview and exclusive backstage performance with Marc Broussard.

31 Responses to “Grateful Dead – Loose Lucy 5-17-1974 Vancouver BC – AUDIO”

  1. Lilleopea says:

    Be-bop baby how can this be? I know you been out a cheating on me,
    Round and round and round and round and round and round and round,
    Dont? take much to get the word around.

    Cross my heart and hope to die, I was just hanging out with the other guys,
    Yeh-yeh yeh-yeh yeh-yeh yeh, singing, thank you, for a real good time!

    Went back home with two black eyes, you know Ill love ya till the day I die,

  2. Lilleopea says:

    Loose lucy is my delight, she come runnin and we ball all night,
    Round and round and round and round and round and round and round,
    Dont take much to get me on the ground.

    Shes my yo-yo, Im her string, listen to the birds on the hot wire sing,
    Yeh-yeh yeh-yeh yeh-yeh yeh, singing, thank you, for a real good time!

    I got jumped coming home last night,
    Shadow in the alley turned out all my lights,
    Round and round and round and round ….
    Dont take much to get me on the? ground.

  3. tyleryesta1 says:

    Does any one know what effect Keith? put on his rhodes at the very end. It make it sound like an organ almost. Very cool effent for a rhodes.

  4. brettgov says:

    I suck massive? amounts of cock

  5. cabiacablas says:

    i love loose? lucy

  6. antrix1999 says:


  7. squeezeflo says:

    AH!! The Wall of? Sound tour!! Saw some amazing shows.

  8. wingman572 says:

    ball all night! this? does’nt sound that bad

  9. louisebakalik says:

    why are the words cut off on most? of the song? It’s missing a lot.

  10. AldofromBordeaux says:

    You better listening? to more GD Soundboard recording of the band dating from that period….Phil Lesh always sound like that….

  11. NorCalTokers says:

    great username…?

  12. PHILLIPBENNETTful says:


  13. WilliamsBallMusic says:

    This is the ultimate? encore song.

  14. slgordon3 says:

    I’m loving that Wall? of Sound pic, perfect choice as the first image.

  15. Tedward420 says:

    thank youuuuuuu. for a? real good tiime

  16. alstonrg4 says:

    bobby looks around and says were gonna take a short break we? seem to be missing phil at the moment so feel free to mingle and talk amongst yourselves

  17. JSwanKilowJ says:

    you should do something from Jack Johnson?

  18. ZachWasHere says:

    For anyone curious, I think he’s using a harmonica in the key of “A”. At 0:29, it zooms in on his mouth, and there’s a little yellow? sticker with the letter “A” on the harmonica.

  19. JSwanKilowJ says:

    I think G Love would slaughter the whole Young Money? Inc in a freestyle rap battle

  20. bmwmunk says:

    can’t wait for G Love to hit up the? Harmony Festival this year!! Check out the killer lineup at harmony festival dot com Best lineup in years!!

  21. crazyviral says:

    thanks man lol made? my day

  22. MrOnrust says:

    yada yada BAD ASS.?

  23. alihunter84 says:

    dont trust a white guy from the usa that says his name is? g love.
    there i said it, heh heh

  24. SoMusic15 says: reppin philly, throwin it down as always. can’t? believe cats don’t recognize this guy, i’d be trippin if i saw bustin’ tunes in the street haha. all g’ fans, feel free to check out my original “got to be” on my page. few folks are diggin it. humbly served to you all, enjoy! thanks g for the great musicc!

  25. witster18 says:

    I’d put G.Love in there for sure… Original sound being the biggest thing… then his rhythm, the way he blends his voice, the guitar, and his incredible harp? playing together in great time… One of my favorite musicians… and a really nice guy…. took time to say hi to me and my future wife at charlotte cityfest some years back… then put on one heck of an awesome show…

  26. SoVertiginous says:

    @HerschelTalker G Love is tight no denial. But? you’re making a pretty bold statement. I wouldn’t say “hands down” about anyone, but that’s just me…

  27. tdc311 says:

    Ring The Alarm, Then Let the music Play.?

  28. MrOnrust says:

    let all his play. como no?
    well then piss off!?

  29. raspa1710 says:

    thats cool I wasnt sure if he was just free styling the lyrics or what. thanks? for letting me know.

  30. northernnigel says:

    one smooth motherfu@*ker? : )

  31. Treadsoftly14 says:

    g love is sampling Tenor Saw too.?