Granville Island, Vancouver, BC ( Somewhere over the rainbow)

Somewhere over the rainbow at Granville Island with busker Ralph Shaw on Saturday 4 June, 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Granville Island is a wonderful place for kids of all ages and home of the Art School, the marketplace and lots of shops and restaurants. A must see on your visit here. Video by David (Butch) Silvercloud with a Sony Nex-5 with 16mm lens and ultra wide adapter and mic attachment on a hand held tripod… other hand was holding a bag so it’s a bit wobbly.

Coast Longboarding Concrete Wave: Evolutions Video 2006 Vancouver British Columbia Canada BOMBIN YER LOCAL HILLS OUT RUNNIN YER LOCAL COPS This was made in 2006 by Theobald and I for the Concrete Wave Evolutions DVD. Longboarding has changed a lot since this video was made but Coast Longboarding has been keeping it real since the beginning. Wear your helmet. ps 1st Song Clutch – Impetus The board at 1:04 is an On Shore Board

25 Responses to “Granville Island, Vancouver, BC ( Somewhere over the rainbow)”

  1. motabbirh says:

    nice? video

  2. FGlucho says:

    Es importante dominar la? técnica del sliding (derrapaje) para poder reducir la velocidad en la entrada de las curvas..

  3. laurolimon15 says:

    3:29? – 3:41 Some seriously steezy shit right there. Props to the dude.

  4. nanobraza says:

    I only have 2 words “Dusters? California” look it up!

  5. CRswag10 says:

    2:27, the guy with the green helmet near the back? of the pack, what board does he have ? someone respond please

  6. EveryTimeShred says:

    2:07 ? is that a landyachtz slip??

  7. iBoddyHD says:

    sick 2 Peace :D? 1:31

  8. IUseTechDecks says:

    1:41? hits right shoulder
    1:51 rubs left shoulder?!?!

  9. TheJkghfg says:

    1:31 DOUBLE KILL?

  10. MonkeyLongboarding says:

    Check? out my channel for long boarding and nice video man

  11. killerozman says:

    omg coolest part of this video is 2:19 without? a doubt!!!

  12. G4KAnimes says:

    5:55? troll

  13. DJTopShoTs says:

    thats a shore board check? description

  14. miguelsuper12 says:

    estan? como pollas todos

  15. macooca says:

    One of the best videos in youtube! I’m not a Canadian but…I love being in Canada? 🙂 This video just made me love Canada and Canadians more. lol

  16. lGASG says:

    Where is canada??

  17. laxlongboards1 says:

    That look hard?

  18. DayvanCowboy195 says:

    How can 63 people dislike this. ? Its amazing I’m native Canadian and wish I was in BC

  19. lmfao0890 says:

    thumbs up if your? watching this in 2012

  20. jonathan3sk says:

    wish I lived were I could skate down a big hill that would be? so sick.

  21. UltraBoardKid says:


  22. AwsomeOblivion says:

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    Please? sign the petition at:

    bit? [dot] ly/tdMn20

  23. jaimemilio says:

    hye i need? the name of the surf song on 2:00 mins sooo soo soo plz!!

  24. liamardo33 says:


    how? to handstand on a longboard tutorial

  25. AaronSpeaking says:

    1:42 damn, that? hurt me just watching it