Granville Island Experience, Vancouver – British Columbia, Canada

Granville Island Experience, Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada

Granville Island is a small island and shopping district in Vancouver, British Columbia. Rich in culture, the area is known for its colorful artistic community — including a large array of waterfront restaurants, theaters, galleries, studios, shops, cafes and a popular public market. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit Join us on Facebook and Twitter:
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The one month old movement is spreading around the World, and this weekend, October 15th it arrives in Vancouver British Columbia. What could be wrong in Vancouver? What could motivate people to take to the streets and protest? This beautiful city is perhaps one of the strongest examples of what’s wrong in the world. Abstract wealth and poverty separated by a few blocks. The problems facing all people are not geo located to one location, our responsibility is to the world. Flying in snow for a profit motivated sporting event while millions are dying on another continent due to lack of food and clean water should be a crime against humanity. In our ‘CHANGED’ world guided by greed and division based on ideas or even economic position, the future looks bleak for many. I am always bothered when I hear people who are advantaged say that there is no problem, everything is good while so many are suffering or will not have the same advantage as previous generations. A young person living in Vancouver, perhaps a recent graduate laden with school debt will find life difficult even with an average wage. With housing costs that are the highest in Canada even home ownership is slipping away. But for one second let’s say we have no problems in Canada what so ever, do we still have an obligation to the world in general to see that we try to end injustices of economic conditions. What’s happening in Haiti? Central Africa? Do we car about preserving animals like sharks and whales? Adding

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  1. eugeo1234 says:

    Amazing place! I would love? to visit it again! Cheers from Argentina 🙂

  2. WhiteSugarFive says:

    Ok, I am 16 now, living in Vancouver all? my life, and I yet to see those floating homes! Holy crap! I need to see those!

  3. DedmanUmotionS says:

    Watch the banks get taken, the same way they took from us. Watch #HowToRobABank at See The trailer at my channel. The link is in? it’s description.

  4. DedmanUmotionS says:

    Watch the banks get taken,? the same way they took from us. Watch #HowToRobABank at See The trailer at my channel. The link is in it’s description.

  5. TheOneAndOnlyMichae1 says:

    sexy ladies makes me? forget about our goverments greed

  6. kayamar says:

    And you obviously have no clue how little those public service workers are paid. My dad was a cop for 30 years and I make more money working at Marks work Wearhouse than he did? even at the end of his career.

  7. kopellhinex says:



    HARD WORKING PEACE LOVING HAPPY HONEST SOCIETY were always the slave victim and poorly starve to death. 🙁

  8. MysTerrier says:

    The Harper Gov wasted money bringing in a tough on crime bill yet the same Harper Gov does not inspect cargo at the Port? of Vancouver, they let Dubai Ports World do that themselves.

  9. MysTerrier says:

    That’s fine? except DP World does not really inspect much of anything. We KNOW this because of how much heroin is on our streets; the stuff doesn’t grow here. Harper will throw anyone caught selling the drug into one of his brand new prisons, when a team of custom agents inspecting the cargo would keep the drug out of the country in the first place.

  10. MysTerrier says:

    Harper:? willing to build huge expensive new prisons to house anyone caught selling heroin.
    Harper: “saves money” by not having proper custom agents to keep the drugs out to begin with. Complain about that 1%. (Of course they are probably the ones who are trafficking the stuff.)

  11. awaldegrave says:

    The Government workers are getting fat pensions , That me and you get to pay for.
    So they to are part of the one percent.They don’t seem to be hurting for money.
    Also what you? are saying is true.
    The riots are coming to North American,The people are pissed off.

  12. GimmeTheReason says:

    It is the financial structure itself that is the problem. It? only supports the upper 1%. You want proof? 1% of the population of the planet owns 50% of its wealth. How is that even possible? Our economic system is supposed to work for 100% of the world. Not 1%. Any new technology or idea that emerges from our society that compromises the well-being or eliminates the need for an industry owned by the 1% is immediately blocked, de-funded, bought out or killed off. That is a fact.

  13. Voidroid says:

    @habar3000 I’m not disagreeing with you but those statistics don’t really prove your point. If we said those 1% of? people pay 40% of taxes this year, then we also need a figure of what percentage they make overall. Maybe they’re making over 80 or 90 of the money in this country?

  14. Voidroid says:

    I moved to BC a few months? ago not realizing how bad the recession has hit here… I just hope I can move back out soon :S then again there’s no guarantee of a job anywhere really.

  15. harbar3000 says:

    For the 2008 tax year, the numbers pertaining to federal personal income taxes paid are as follows:

    Top 1% pay 38% of federal personal income taxes

    Top 5% pay 58.72%

    Top 10% pay 69.94%

    Top 25% pay 86.34%

    Top 50% pay 97.3%

    Bottom 50% pay 2.7% of federal personal income taxes. This number has been decreasing each year.

    When presented with these facts, do you? still beleive that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes?

  16. switcherxxx says:

    boycott sporting? events… those guys’ salaries are an insult to the 99% starving

  17. SPAMDAGGER22 says:

    Nice? footage. Terrible message.