Gorilla Surplus | Vancouver BC

I decided to make a youtube video that was long delayed for one of my favorite shops of all time. I get most of my load-out supplies and paintball needs from this shop, and it’s been this way for about two years. Great service, Great prices, I wouldn’t recommend any other store to go to in the Vancouver area, they always have new products and I would recommend checking them out any-day! Sorry about the quality of the video, I was out of town and was unable to record with the camera I use in most of my reviews and game-plays. Next week there will be a new Paintball Talk episode, The reason I haven’t been uploading every tuesday like I said I would, it’s because of the final exams issued to us in high-school. Now that it is summer, expect game-plays and new episodes of Paintball Talk for the summer! Gorilla Surplus : www.gorillasurplus.com Merritt Paintball : www.facebook.com

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  1. TheHenrygirard says:

    Yeah man, they’re a super great store. If you would check them out, some of their guns are priced at an affordable rate. Please subscribe man! and you can check tjem out? on Facebook.