Goldpanning Stave lake

This is a day trip that I took up to Mission BC which is about an hour from the hustle and bustle of the largest city in the area . . . Vancouver, Canada. The creek is on Government crown land and is open to gold panning simply because there are no Placer gold claims permitted on this creek, I suspect that’s because it’s not a great creek for gold prospects anyhow. Gold panning is just a hobby for me so to find some gold is just the icing on the cake of a fun afternoon out amongst the trees and mountains and the fresh air. Enjoy.
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  1. mnbvczxc says:

    Hi my friend, yes all is well but I’m working a lot these days so? very little time to play. I hope that you’re gearing up to find some cool adventures this year.

  2. Crom2000 says:

    Watch the hits on this vid start to climb..Hope all? is well.

  3. natespadle says:

    Great video, is that up sylvester rd or is it the other side of the lake? We go shooting up sylvester sometimes but I dont think you can actually get down to? Stave there

  4. mnbvczxc says:

    Probably 15-20 shovels, but that was really a poor result for me but yes it is a very spotty creek to work. Though on the other hand it is as close as one can get to Vancouver, B.C. and still find a picker or a nugget on a good day of prospecting. If gas was free I’d go to the Fraser river as the previous? poster has mentioned.

  5. mnbvczxc says:

    Yes there are “Mineral claims” on this creek but they only own the rights to the bedrock minerals. In the last few years the owner of the largest prospecting forum in BC has been pushing the concept that a mineral claim under certain circumstances owns the placer rights as well. This has never been true and can be varified by contacting Mineral titles with the question. I have figured that he has been building this rumour based on the fact that he? wants to sell his “mineral claims” to newbies :0

  6. RedTailedTuna says:

    about how many shovels did pan down? before getting that???

  7. mnbvczxc says:

    You should maybe take the time the read the Mineral Titles act my friend. If you own a claim in Mission then you own a Mineral claim not a Placer claim therefore you do not own the rights to control what will happen to the little round rocks along the creeks in this area. When in doubt call the MTO people to varify this instead of chatting on Larry’s forum.?

  8. mrFancyclancy says:

    I’ve been? up to 79 before and found squat. No wonder there are no placer claims. It IS open for placer claims. The panning reserve in hope is way-way better btw. Good luck getting your gas money back in gold there too. Mind you anywhere along the Fraser even in Vancouver there is gold dust, more then i found in that place anyways.

  9. Jamie Tooze says:

    Mineral? Titles Online Viewer

  10. Jamie Tooze says:

    Sorry guys. I did some research on the? area and there is an active mineral titles lease on this creek. Mineral Title 839562 and 839702

  11. Jamie Tooze says:

    Spent two days panning here and not even a glint of color. Tried about a mile up stream and tried from the bridge to the first large bend – about 100 meters. I never did see the flat part? you were showing. Perhaps down lower?

  12. aussieincan says:

    I have a claim in mission, and I had better not catch you or anyone on my claim without my permission.

    That goes for my similkameen claims also.

    Do the right thing if you want to pan outside the? public panning reserves, get a BCEID and a free miners certificate, at least that wY you won’t Lose your gear (including vehicle) when busted.

  13. aussieincan says:

    You are giving some misleading information here, better check the law. You state that a person does not need to have a license to Pan in B.C, that is correct, but ONLY on public panning reserves (google for locations) it was also mentioned that there are no placer claims in the area you showed in your video, though I could not clearly read the coordinates on your gps, a lot of the area near where you were is under claim, mineral, not placer,? none the less, claimed.

    I have a claim in the missio

  14. jonjara1234 says:

    Wow,cool clip! I am looking to find a guide in the Vancouver area that will show me how to pan properly!:-) I have tried with? no luck on several occasions….please reply–

  15. RedsealWaterproofing says:

    Some gold is better than no gold, And besides you had to find those flakes to add to the gold hysteria in you to find that Nugget!!! Good? luck and thanks for the video results or no results, Keep em coming!!!

  16. IACHUA says:

    Wow I camp there all? the time and I never knew about gold,

  17. firstligmo says:

    That looks kind of fun! Don´t u carry a gun for bears?? And are there people on van island? that does this for a living??

  18. mickeyblueeyes123 says:

    went up to stave lake today and got nothing ..but I have no idea what I’m doing.. anyone interested in going with me and showing me? the ropes… any time I have 4*4 I’m ready

  19. Algrium1 says:

    Try Deakin Equipment in? Vancouver or Keen engineering in the U.S.

  20. wildirishman21 says:

    Very? Nice!

  21. NecipAksoy says:

    no more secret i see the place code ?

  22. boscoitalics says:

    hehe atleast you found something!! I want to give this a try one day! Currently in mission right now for a week but sadly no transportation? to go unless I walk for hours. haha

  23. TheBryanh28 says:

    hey was? wondering where you get the gold pans at

  24. kronikG says:

    this aint no secret spot if you show your location? on the GPS 🙂

  25. mnbvczxc says:

    Kearsley creek has gold as well as this one that I’m on (Seventynine creek) but Kearsley tends to have really tiny rice shaped bits. Good luck?