GLIMMER FILMS – Paul Reena – Indian Wedding Video

visit to see our HD galleries and glimmer bride updates. Glimmer Films, Vancouver Indian Wedding Video specialists since 2005 This is an indian wedding video shot in Vancouver BC, using HD equipment and cutting edge camera technique.

18 Responses to “GLIMMER FILMS – Paul Reena – Indian Wedding Video”

  1. Simran Randhawa says:

    the song pissed? me of

  2. Jiaxoxoable says:

    not a good? song choice , but the video is amazing

  3. attarraza says:

    gud photo graphy

  4. beautz90 says:

    such a beautiful bride wow loved it btw whos? her makeup artist

  5. candywaves5 says:

    love? the brides dress

  6. amitlibran says:


  7. misstr3ss92 says:

    everything is beyonddd beutiful. everything is? perfectt!!

  8. abhikish1991 says:

    Where did the guy’s beard? go?

  9. socasweetie1 says:

    love your outfits sooo beautiful this was perfect 🙂 lehnga at the? reception was soo stunning

  10. MrSoccerchick21 says:

    Note to self, have my wedding film done like this!! Love it? <3

  11. GTRoyalty says:

    can you please please please tell me where the bride got? her reception lengha ??:)

  12. ravijit9 says:

    5:06? stunning !!

  13. jessicapaul29 says:

    This wedding is amazing!!!!! and? the bride is stunning!
    does anyone know where i can get this music?

  14. indisanghera says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride so? beautiful….she’s literally breathtaking

  15. thequazify says:

    the best wedding I’ve seen yet, perfect!?

  16. CaPopcorn says:

    omg both outfits were beautiful!!!
    cant wait? til my own wedding!!

  17. VDFallenAngelKSG says:


  18. valstclair says:

    love? this video ,great looking couple !!!!!!!!!