Gang Shooting In BC Bacon Brother Murdered and Hells Angels MC Injured in Gangland Shooting

Daaku now available on iBooks Critically Acclaimed and Best Selling author of gang novels, Ranj Dhaliwal is called in as a gang expert in relation to the high profile gang execution of one of the notorious Bacon brothers (Jonathan Bacon), and the Hells Angels MC full patch member who as injured during the shooting. His first novel “Daaku” which reveals the inside story on gangs and the gangster mentality available on iBooks worldwide!!!

Download my free Ableton e-book click the link below: Ableton Live Performance Video from Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada. http Glitch hop, controllerism, sax with dub step wobbles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Gang Shooting In BC Bacon Brother Murdered and Hells Angels MC Injured in Gangland Shooting”

  1. nadalgroovedeep says:


  2. GreenValleyRailway says:

    What mic is? that

  3. l0wbtry says:

    This is so? inspiring, I just wanna run out of school and go home making music because of you ! 😀

  4. MrJakuboff says:

    you can use your mixer channels as sends in FL. Any mixer channel. Ableton gives you 12 sends, that is a limit too, not limitless as you wrote. That was my reply about.
    And yes, Ableton is much easier than any? other DAW to express your ideas.

  5. MidnyteChannel says:

    Yes you have 99 MIXER CHANNELS not SENDS. You only get 4 SENDS in FL. So I don’t know what your reply was about. Ableton is still a more powerful DAW. I have both and achieve the same thing, it’s just Ableton does? everything easier and surpasses FL in more ways then you can count.

  6. MrJakuboff says:

    You can only have 12 sends in ableton. In FL you’ve got 99 mixer channels and you can route defferent sounds to one channel (in ableton you can group tracks for that) so you can process different tracks with one set of plug-ins. Also you can route one channel’s? output to another channel’s input or to send channel in mixer. There are many different ways of effective routing in FL’s mixer 🙂

  7. nanonaut1 says:

    I haven’t? read all the comments so I’m not sure if anyone asked this question already: did you record your own voice or did you have another singer do it? just wondering if it was your voice on track 1 of the EP and if so what effects did you use on it 🙂 (if you don’t mind telling us that secret) CHEERS

  8. nargoon1 says:

    The three songs with sax are so? dope.

  9. the1log says:

    Gold star? from me

  10. steveallen808909 says:

    hi there can u connect korg triton le to ableton live 8 for eg hope u? can help

  11. MidnyteChannel says:

    If you ask someone who only uses FL studio they are only going to give you 1 answer. FL studio is good and can make professional music but you are limited to certain things that FL cannot do. Ableton is a very very powerful DAW. You can only have 4 sends in FL studio yet you can have unlimited in Ableton. Both achieve? the same goal but Ableton makes it a lot easier with more power.

  12. Seven1Network says:

    That sir depends on who you? ask.

  13. MidnyteChannel says:

    Albeton? surpasses FL studio. I use both.

  14. Seven1Network says:

    I like FL studio but that? is also great software

  15. Rellikkk1 says:


  16. MJmichand says:

    Thanks for making Ableton? less scary for us n00bs

  17. Gazmanaust says:

    yep, obviously? with ableton and not the sax 🙂

  18. jkjimmy says:

    Can you do thee? glitchy things live.

  19. imbirofficial says:

    check the smart knob tut and at? 33 exatly its a beat repeat and redux

  20. David MacLeod says:

    Crazy stuff! I was wondering if you had any videos on your channel on how to create the? effect you are using at 0:33 (and all over the video). I’ve watched a lot of your videos and haven’t come across it.
    Thanks, and once again, props on this performance!

  21. itowedin says:

    Awesome display of tool innovation, but the progression and linear lines just aren’t? interesting. I respect your grasp of technological manipulation though.