Future Cruise Ships (2015 – 2020)

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23 Responses to “Future Cruise Ships (2015 – 2020)”

  1. Schlagerfee79 says:

    The Queen Mary II is used as an ocean liner, but the “Schiffstyp”? (I coundn’t find an english word for that) of the Queen Mary II is “Kreuzfahrtschiff” (cruise ship).

  2. reirkonohanashidanen says:

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  3. Jay Edwards says:

    That would be entirely correct.. If the Queen Mary II was a cruise ship… but It’s not? It’s an Ocean Liner.

  4. ChuckNorris2211000 says:

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  5. 319Miggy says:

    and? just minimize the use of oil

  6. 319Miggy says:

    why dont you just make it like this instead of this design in the future with sails:Maybe you can just make? the same luxury liners right now.same shape now(back & front),same form now,same things now,same placement of things now,same size now,and just the right amount of lifeboats. but the only difference is you just add solar panels instead of those really stupid sails.

  7. Nicholas Li says:

    this 2015 ship does really saves? power and electricity

  8. Tom Brierley says:

    “Uglier even more”? They? still look like ships!!! Thay all have the same shaped hulls and funnels! They all look ike ships and they are extremely beautiful!

  9. 319Miggy says:

    I mean? nobody would ride in there.

  10. 319Miggy says:

    the future cruise ship i dont like the look and the sails i want them to be the same as the luxury liners now. the cruise ships that i see looks really ugly.Nobody wouldn’t ride? in there

  11. brainsareus says:

    remake of ‘the graduate’.. “the future is not plastics my son,it’s? fecal power,and that ain’t no bullshit”.

  12. brainsareus says:

    nice…pretty funny.? 🙂

  13. tdpdrummer says:

    I’m sorry, but that looks very stupid.?

  14. ViolentKisses87 says:

    But of course, you see? the masts double as cannons which fire oil drums full of Justin Bieber CD’s.

    Now that’s what I call recycling :D.

  15. brainsareus says:

    can she? repel pirates, via an automated [green of course] robotic security crew?

  16. brainsareus says:

    forgive me,but “her” voice is creepy..too ‘brave new? world’ish’ for me.

  17. Schlagerfee79 says:

    And I thought, the cruise ships which are built today cannot become uglier even more.
    The only modern cruise ships? which are still fairly nice are the “Queen Mary II” and the “Deutschland” (“Traumschiff”).
    They still look like ships.

  18. DrPlatypus1 says:

    Yes, that? is what ‘their’ going to do. Wonderful summary.

  19. mikebri527 says:

    The bottom line is if a ship like this can’t compete in terms of price and itinerary with modern conventional cruise ships, then people will not spend the money to travel on it. That is the common fallacy? of all “green” energy technologies. If it wasn’t subsidized by government taking money from taxpayers it probably wouldn’t survive on it’s own.

  20. bmw335hdk says:

    they go? underwater

  21. aspdeepak4yt says:

    How can they cross bridges with those tall sails? Doesn’t look so? practical..

  22. ViaggiTour23 says:

    ma andate a cacare voi e chi? a inventato sto video

  23. chaft6 says:

    the only question is? , who will pay ?…..