Funny Prank Call – Statistics Canada Telemarketer

This is what happens when people try to call me…. #legitlypro
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  1. caseyhelms88 says:

    Now you’ve ruined my? dreams… Sorry what?

  2. caseyhelms88 says:

    No 9.7 I do not give perfect 10 to anybody…. I’m curious about your you know your? ya know I’m curious u.kno about your business you know and it impirtantant to you know and I you know. LOL

  3. superbrainyellowteet says:

    So hes older than humanity.? And his voices.changes from australian to eastern european to britsh to eastern european again.

  4. blixhost says:

    You talk funny? eh.

  5. 2facedguks says:

    prank call this dude. 215-271-0162. He spends his unemployment checks on lottery tickets. someone teach? this guy a lesson.


    jkxrei0s, nice name?

  7. Trevonious11 says:


  8. fjioewagaewgha says:

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  9. GarnelenJoe says:

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  10. nhxlnet says:

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  11. GokuChrist says:

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  12. kotaro502005 says:

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  13. kienthuclavotan says:

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  14. shnioob1 says:

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  15. khoigame says:

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  16. bmf7bmf says:

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  23. MrCRAMproductions says:

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