Fun, Romantic, Cool Punjabi / Sikh Wedding Film (Vancouver, BC)

Fun, Romantic, Cool Punjabi / Sikh Wedding Film (Vancouver, BC)

Watch more videos? Visit us at: With a great set of family and friends surrounding them at all times—We had the pleasure of documenting a fun filled wedding event complete with skits, dancing, laughter, and more dancing (Not to mention a clever plot to steal the groom’s shoes). Congratulations to Deepak and Aman, we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors together. (Check out this video in HD on our vimeo page Remember to Rate, Comment and Subscribe!

22 Responses to “Fun, Romantic, Cool Punjabi / Sikh Wedding Film (Vancouver, BC)”

  1. LAKOPUNJABI says:

    Looks like an awesome? wedding

  2. TheAmardeepkaur says:

    Superlike!!! :D? 🙂

  3. jay270vjd says:

    deePACK! LOL

  4. hearthindisongs says:

    First wedding video on youtube who actually put effort into removing the song from the Gurudwara part and adding Shabad! LOVE it :)?

  5. desktaxi says:

    Very beautiful and fun? traditional Indian wedding:)

  6. SummerPrin says:

    Stereo Nation- Mere? Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
    album jawani if im right

  7. vrycutie says:

    Who is the artist for? Aaj Mere Yaar ke Shaadi hai?
    Amazing Video

  8. iSB650 says:

    What song is played at? 00:22?

  9. Sonador2710 says:

    woow i just love? this cermony semes like marocain cermony (my country)

  10. punjaBiiShOrTii says:

    hey where can i? get the song mere yaar ki shaadi hai?

  11. gurbir77 says:

    nice wedding but not? pure punjabi…..mostly white washed dude.They? can talk in punjabi with each other,,,,

  12. ohmylovelydays says:

    Lol at the shoe fight. Yes! I’ve always wanted to follow through with that tradition at a wedding but? I’m always kind of a distant relative of the girl side, or from the guy’s side or if I’m actually somewhat close to them, they haven’t done it.

  13. jaysingh6418 says:

    Love? Canadian and British Accent ….
    Indian Accent is Way better 🙂

  14. sahib518 says:

    chak te fatte viah wale
    bella matrimonio grande siete stati mplto geniali

  15. Shivaari says:

    More wedding videos? should be playful like this!

  16. MariamXDXD says:

    Congratioulasions? you guys < 3 xxxxxx God bless!

  17. veralcina says:

    looks really fun?

  18. ChaiTea100 says:

    Love, love love this wedding? video, one of the best i’ve seen on Youtube.

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  20. ChaiTea100 says:

    Really good/great/excellent…all songs are so enjoyable…love your addition of the stories into the wedding…what a wonderful talent.?


    Love this wedding I pray mines? evn half as awesome

  22. vivaloriflamme says:

    Beautiful wedding. And? shoe fight.