Full Ship Tour – Carnival Imagination Cruise Ship

Today, we tour the Imagination Cruise Ship by Carnival. Overall, the trip was nice. On June 29th, 2012, Imagination departed from the Port of Miami and stopp…

22 Responses to “Full Ship Tour – Carnival Imagination Cruise Ship”

  1. Jose B says:

    Hola podrias informar que tiendas hay? dentro del barco , que tal el servicio

  2. roli252520 says:

    thanks for the? tour. my sister and her family is going on a cruise on this ship. I wish I was going, but I don’t have the money to go.

  3. austin plotkin says:

    Hi I am going on the carnival imagination in 2 weeks and we have the same room as you did.And i just thowt that that? was alsome.

  4. Alexia Lascaris says:


  5. Alexia Lascaris says:

    im going on? imagination cant wait hhehe

  6. infinitefly1 says:


  7. kenny mo says:

    I’m going to? the carnival immagation on July 7 2012

  8. Natalia Navarro says:

    good? job!!!!

  9. mzsw33t says:


  10. mzsw33t says:

    I had so much fun when i went. Omg. Lovely? shi.

  11. Niceguyhidden says:

    Kids like me could only dream of going to a ship as big as this. That’s OUTRAGEOUS! That lobby, rooms for everyone on board, pool, gaming areas, etc. Just looking at this? leaves me in awe. I’ve heard of ships this but I’ve never seen something like this. This is the first time I’ve actually seen a CRUISE ship of this caliber. Thanks for the tour 🙂

  12. Na1985Na says:

    Ill be on this ship to the bahamas in december and I can’t wait. Thnx so much for the vid you? did a great job on touring the ship it looks awesome!!!

  13. Shanell Harris says:

    I can’t wait!!!?

  14. mspairport man says:

    love? this ship

  15. Shortyjored88 says:

    Thanks for the video tour. My sister and her friends are suppose? to be going on that ship in a few month. It looks like it will be fun.

  16. drswag32 says:

    is there a? basketball court on the imagination

  17. BigB0511 says:

    Thanks for the post? gave me an amazing perspective of the ship can’t wait. First time on cruise

  18. BigB0511 says:

    Might head out on imagination may? 13 key west and Cozumel

  19. bugzlee11 says:

    thanks for the video were gonna be on our? cruise in may cant wait

  20. lashonntaekeys89 says:

    Nice video Bahamas? soon

  21. Claudia Perez says:

    April 18 Miami,? Keywest, and Cozumel route.

  22. phillies4100 says:

    Also how? to they put elevators on ships?