Free Crack Pipes In Canada

Health officials in Vancouver Canada are planning on passing out free crack pipes to reduce the spread of disease and possibly help addicts kick the habit. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe:
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15 Responses to “Free Crack Pipes In Canada”

  1. T3MPL3TillIdIe says:

    Got? crack!! o-0

  2. MancstaSam says:

    I bet not many people have caught AIDS from a crack pipe..sharing needles and injecting equipment & or? prostitution yes but crack pipes nahhh..Hepatitis at the worst!

  3. MrAndrewbud420 says:

    From the sores on the mouths of crackheads… They get cracked lips and share? crack pipes and the aids virus can spread this way…

  4. az0963818 says:

    You can so get diseases from dirty pipes,? needles etc. Sex isn’t the only risque thing.

  5. bxplumber1984 says:

    How do you get aids from smoking crack? sharing needles yes I understand how you can transmit aids from that but sharing? crack pipes?

  6. M1sterHamilton says:

    Weird hearing you guys talk about whitney? Houston

  7. djcountry1985 says:

    U get aids from unprotected? sex not from dirty pipe

  8. JohnDex4852 says:

    Crack pipes are cheap and easy to get in the United States at least. Free crack pipes doesn’t really mean anything except well a crack user gets to save $5 when you? need a new pipe and chore.

  9. tomdt105 says:

    i smoked it because it was? free.

  10. scrapiidotcom says:

    immortal words of? whitney houston you say? ROFL

  11. TrapHouseLife says:

    i? smoked crack because i had a free crack pipe

  12. GerrettJihad says:

    you can be Christian Anywhere, Jesus said to Pick? up your totrture stake and follow him, even if that means death!

  13. GerrettJihad says:

    This has been going on forever inCanada, great Program if you ask? me!

  14. maman666 says:

    Safe injection sites have been around Vancouver? for a while now

  15. juleeafg says:

    sorry i speak english very little
    i can speak persian and arabic and? uzbek urdo well
    i here in islamic country i want to be a christian but i cant be here