Frank Ocean And Homophobia In Hip-Hop (and Suri Cruise) – Noisey Talks

Last week Frank Ocean very eloquently revealed to the world that his first love was a man. Our Noisey Talks panel featuring singer Yasmin, the Guardians Rosie Swash and Spector front man Fred Macpherson give their thoughts on the subject of coming out in the world of hip hop, as a member of Odd Future, and what sexuality means in todays music scene. ** Whether we like it or not, music news happens, and that’s why we made NOISEY TALKS—the idea is to throw our favorite music writers, musicians, and artists in a room together with VICE’s own Alex Miller to hash out everything you need to know from the week in music, from annoying festival fads to deep-running music feuds. Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like Noisey on Facebook: Follow Noisey on Twitter: Read our tumblr:
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12 Responses to “Frank Ocean And Homophobia In Hip-Hop (and Suri Cruise) – Noisey Talks”

  1. Oh4werd says:

    i listened to Nostalgia, Ultra and Oldie (odd future sucks imo besides Earl and Frank) and he was singin. Hip hop and r&b coincide yea but Frank is a singer. He’s not claiming to be a rapper and was never portrayed? as one either. Drake is a singer/rapper and chris brown and trey songz ATTEMPT it lol but frank, nah…

  2. KelvinA21 says:

    Frank Ocean is an Urban artist which contains Hip-Hop & RnB which both bleed into each other. Frank Ocean DOES actually rap but a lot less than his singing. Listen to Oldie by Odd Future? and in some of his other songs too. As a great writer he can do both.

  3. BEmagiK says:

    O hiphop? experts! Lmfao I should be on that panel

  4. Dynamics82 says:

    How these corny middle age white people? expressing the way Hiphop feels about this lol wtf smh

  5. DirkPHo says:

    Rosie looks? great!

  6. stfuBUDDY says:

    None of their opinions matter, what a waste of life paying so much attention to? this shit!

  7. Gass7 says:

    3 white people talking about homophobia in hiphop. well ok then. rosie being interrupted by fred. well ok then.
    noisey talks…YOU? ARE SO VANILLA

  8. adawgg420 says:

    stick to your london music you know nothing about hip hop?

  9. tmv866 says:

    What does this have to do with anything? The most homophobic thing you could do is to actually say that Frank’s announcement was “news.” It’s not new, he’s been bisexual for years. I know he must have expected a big press release, and he’s getting one, but I think the fact that you are? attracted to more than one gender, or a different gender then most, isn’t a big deal. I myself am bisexual, it’s not that big a deal.

  10. bigjojotube says:

    what is on yasmin’s chest? scar? just curious?

  11. afernandez92 says:

    “You homophobic bitch”? haha

  12. ChrisWatsonTunes says:

    This is? why I’m subscribed