Former Hells Angel Shot Dead in Vancouver

No motive yet for this brazen early morning shooting in Vancouver. You can bet that the person who made this happen has some pull in Vancouver’s underground. And where the HA play, the drug trade isn’t far away.
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13 Responses to “Former Hells Angel Shot Dead in Vancouver”

  1. jmackdiablo says:


  2. singularfist says:

    hahaha love to see a little shit like you? say that to one wearing their colors. lets face it: you’re a bitch. you’d crack to PC if you ever went inside. you’re the true GOOF!

  3. ROLLERCAB says:

    All hells angels are Rats and goofs, turning on each other when the shit hits the fan, Sonny Barger is a cia agent, Ex military,? created the club to sell Cia dope, a Real government employee… Working for the man, using police to beat the competition, YOU ARE ALL GOOFS AND RATS,

  4. ROLLERCAB says:

    He was a RAT, like? all bikers!

  5. ROLLERCAB says:

    Unless any? Native says otherwise!

  6. JohnAllanification says:

    maybe he was cooperating with the police.?

  7. m00se321 says:

    @Browningauto5magnum —81 Members are? Untouchable in Jail,,Dumbshit!!!

  8. RasIje1 says:

    @Browningauto5magnum I totally? agree…You play with shit you get shit….’just sayin…..

  9. BikerBarbeRouse says:

    yeahh bro

  10. MrDoworkson1 says:

    Doesn’t matter who they are, gang members or not. No one should have bullets put into them. Neither should people have death wished upon them.? These people have kids and people who care about them.

  11. crackernumber2 says:

    RIP juel! i hope you found peace in death that you didnt? have in life!!!

  12. fuscian says:

    @Browningauto5magnum keep watching movies? kid

  13. SuperCaddy16 says:

    like who cares, it is like taking out the trash?