Flying over downtown Vancouver, BC in a C172. (HD)

Here’s a look at downtown Vancouver, BC With my friend piloting we departed from Abbotsford Int’l (CYXX) then flew towards downtown for a nice tour before heading back.
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Bordered by the Coast Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is recognized as one of the world’s most livable cities with a rich history and one of the smallest carbon footprints of any major city in North America.
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31 Responses to “Flying over downtown Vancouver, BC in a C172. (HD)”

  1. lnwolf74 says:

    Wow i didnt realize this but downtown Vancouver looks? bigger then downtown LA ! I am very envious of your city i have to admit BC is very nice.

  2. TheYozStudios says:

    I don’t think you need a radio license either or anything. I’m pretty sure Canadian airports accept FAA licences but I would check before hand. Maybe call? up a few places or even the actual local airport you are travelling to.

  3. HomeskooledVideo says:

    HAHAHAHAHA go shovel? your driveway.

  4. MrSistermaryelephant says:

    Other than Manhatten, the penisula with the west end? and down town Vancouver is the most densly populated in North America. Hence the plethora of high rise buildings.

  5. MegaFastal says:

    Hey, big question. I am shooting a short film soon, can i use a part of this? areal footage? You will be in the credits

  6. Desttinyy says:


  7. HomeskooledVideo says:

    go shovel your driveway?

  8. Dancefloorpro says:

    you’ll need a valid medical (cat? 3) too

  9. Netjack says:

    toronto > vancouver.

    But we can all agree that toronto and vancouver are the two best cities in? canada.

  10. arickuk says:

    Wonderful video Vancouver is far better then Toronto you can not compare. A helicopter up the Fraser Canyon at Williams Lake tops the cake.?
    London one day.. lol

  11. delpillar says:

    i’m not a pilot so i don’t know all the? rules. this isn’t a rented plane but a friend flying. thanks.

  12. Yachshenko says:


  13. KewlBoy20 says:

    no actually toronto is? better it made top 10 skyline vancouver,well top 30.its okay vancouver is crappy anyway

  14. DomeFromTheAir says:

    My favourite city <3.
    Love? it!

  15. delpillar says:

    thanks for? watching.

  16. neocastillo says:


  17. Rauscheder says:

    top? 10 skylines qualifier

  18. Charles2337 says:

    What a beautiful? city.

  19. monarch1957 says:

    Nice? video of downtown Vancouver.

  20. JonB83 says:

    lol? nope

  21. EarDestroyer says:

    beautiful? footage

  22. max towert says:

    i dont like? this video

  23. aznboieiji says:

    i luv vancouver?

  24. decnat says:

    One again, English forgot in Vancouver in British Columbia History, the presence between of Francophones. They were until 1858 the majority in numbers, in language, they were from everywhere, Canada, France, Belgium, Swisszerland, they were Metis too, a lot…
    And if? they will not had been there, Vancouver and British Columbia, will be probably in the US.

  25. Shukria123 says:

    but these changing winds can blow? cold and hostile…

  26. LemonDancer says:

    If I have to explain it to you… then? there is no point in trying to explain.

  27. PavleProductions says:

    why??…please? explain

  28. berrycurious says:

    really helpful, thanks.
    ha, you? know it’s a canadian speaking when she says ‘sprOHting’ instead of ‘srprOWting’

  29. LemonDancer says:

    What a depressing video… Vancouver was so? beautiful… now it is just a stain on Canada. It’s not even a Canadian city anymore.

  30. OldCarsAreBest says:

    Exactly, back? when it had character.

  31. LemonDancer says:

    When Vancouver still looked like it was in Canada and not somewhere? in Asia.