Florida Georgia Line – Cruise [Official Single]

Florida Georgia Line has released the first single “Cruise” from their upcoming record today. You can buy Cruise on iTunes via the following link: itunes.apple.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Despite news that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce, it seems it is business as usual for Tom Cruise as he lands in Reykjavik for his latest movie. Report by Hoodl. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com . Subscribe to The Showbiz 411! www.youtube.com

22 Responses to “Florida Georgia Line – Cruise [Official Single]”

  1. dirtbiker103 says:

    I always? say “Brand new Duramax with a lift kit”

  2. lga302 says:

    Jeze at least it dont say? brand new honda with a fart can

  3. shpuker says:

    If? by fastest you mean slower than the Ram, Silverado, Sierra, and the F-150 then yes, in fact it is. (probably even the Titan as well now that I think about it.)

  4. shpuker says:

    Brand new HEMI? with a lift kit 😉 Gotta love the truck wars in the comments

  5. 1320togo says:

    Brand new hemi with a lift kit LOL jk idc about brand I like American brands what ever works for the situation at the time is the best they all have strengths weaknesses good and bad? years

  6. hlchiboroskiable says:

    What is? with people and trucks lol

  7. alextothehbro says:

    Hell? yeah, love Powerstrokes too!

  8. istake1mil says:

    Bran new Stroker? with lift kit 🙂

  9. lmaoyourekiddingme says:

    Good? traditional American sound. Right on, guys!

  10. CDSteele15 says:

    haha the chevy 6.2 would take a shit on a tundra..and then the ford 6.2 will take a? shit on them both…

  11. ali cote says:

    I love this? song so much i listen to it everyday

  12. matt14ms says:

    Z71 guy the new tundra is the fastest production truck in? the market right now so u cant talk shit.

  13. TheJacob1131 says:

    I like…. Never really listen to? country.. but this is freakin awesome! Lol

  14. therealmaniac13 says:

    Yeah your best friend thinks its a good idea to hit a mud pit at 180km/h? listening to this…. always a good idea…. lets just say we couldent find the jeep but my? bro? grabbed the winch remote before we got out…. I swam in mud for 30 min looking for a winch… thanks cruise <3

  15. rcman123 says:

    Thats funny, have any facts? Nope.?

  16. XZ71X says:

    Ford started it..Chevy perfected? it.

  17. XZ71X says:

    Toyota…made by the same? people that brought you Pearl Harbor…excellent choice..NOT

  18. rebelboys1574 says:

    And lifted? chevys pull way more girls

  19. XZ71X says:

    I’ll? saw the damn horns right off of a Ram

  20. XZ71X says:

    He said badass not? unreliable.

  21. Grantalonus says:

    I wonder if? Travolta was flying that thing?

  22. TheSweet989 says:

    WOW there getting? divorced ??? -____-