Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (Acoustic)

Florida Georgia Line dropped by 92.5 XTU Philadelphia’s Country Station to play their new single “Cruise.” Check out more music and video at 925xtu.com.

23 Responses to “Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (Acoustic)”

  1. Jill Riban says:

    LOVE IT! GO Bonds’y 🙂

  2. hardees234 says:

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  3. sweetiepie2356 says:

    I completely agree? with this comment 100%

  4. Tyler Neskey says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I liked? it Reba

  5. Tyler Neskey says:

    mttttttttkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkktteeeeeeeeeedrwwerewr3we45eedsff? kk

  6. Dansreviews111 says:

    i just love? florida georgia line good group

  7. Buddy Wright says:

    All i can say is that is badass, great song great? band! I see criticism but the imperfections make it real.

  8. Dylan Perkins says:

    harmony is? off….

  9. Morgan Foote says:

    @Future Reba? yes I do know that, but for me the higher range was flat.

  10. JohnEE K says:

    I’m sure they were nervous, but yea I agree 🙂 They will get? better!

  11. Future Reba says:

    One is suppose to be deep, and the other go a bit higher… I think it’s great harmony. For harmony, you don’t have to? sound exactly alike, you know.

  12. sdimawala says:

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  13. Jesto Freestone says:

    Harmony isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. Sure the guy on the left is having a harder time at it than lead at points but for the most part its a good run! ? Nice work.

  14. ryan62586 says:

    The top harmony is struggling. Still a? good song though.

  15. qzoose says:

    calm down? haha

  16. wegottheweekend says:

    Harmony’s? fine.

  17. madalynnthompson says:

    yall rude if u dont like? the damn video dont watch it

  18. VVigil66 says:

    Your timing? is off and your out of tune… I ran into this Vid after watching Ms. Musgraves… Shes Golden and you blow… Bad

  19. MaxwellDorn says:

    the guy to the left of the lead needs jus not? to sing plain and simple

  20. Alex Guy says:

    Huh, better harmonies? by homegrown band.

  21. Morgan Foote says:

    The harmony is struggling..? sorry.

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  23. Taank81 says:

    Does anyone know the strumming pattern? to cruise? greatly appreciate the help!