Flea Market, Vancouver BC

Flea Market, Vancouver BC

Flea Market, Vancouver BC
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Early footage of Vancouver, BC (Canada) shot by US filmmaker William Harbeck — who perished at the age of 44 filming the Titanic’s maiden voyage just under 5 years later. More Info Here: www.vancouverhistory.ca (Music: “Calendar” by Your Hand in Mine — from readaptation of 1933 Japanese Silent Film “Yogoto no Yume”/Every Night Dreams)

22 Responses to “Flea Market, Vancouver BC”

  1. ClaudeLaVallee says:

    The music gives this video added eeriness, especially given that, not only did the filmmaker die just a few years after shooting this, but that everyone walking around and going about their business? as though life would go on forever, is also, now, dead (unless they’re very resilient centenarians).

  2. awv12345 says:

    This is? quite intriguing,..

  3. potkon says:

    prime time? chicken @ 3:29

  4. movitmovit says:

    still british (left side of the road), no world wars yet, no nuclear bombs or biological warfare. no? great depression yet. no missles or bombs from the sky.

    but.. hunger, no penicillin, no women’s voting, shorter lifespans, worse racism than today…

  5. googlewhores says:

    Is it just? me or does this kinda sound like Green Day?

  6. kitsilano99 says:

    Wonderful! ? Thanks for uploading this!

  7. jurrasic says:

    Stunning, absolutely stunning to see. And I thought I saw some amazing change when I moved here in the late 1970’s with my parents and saw B.C. Place and the Skytrain being built from the ground up. Seeing how large and vibrant the city already was in 1907 is awesome. Realizing that probablly everyone in this? video is now dead is awesome in a very different way. :/

  8. MsSchuk says:

    yeah, people didn’t need to be told when it? was OK to cross the street. I’m sure there were about as many collisions as there are today.

  9. mentallarry says:

    Man, there sure were a lot? of jay-walkers back then.

  10. canadianalias says:

    Yes, I live near Cambie and 49th. Where are you studying? There are a few neat demolition? sites right now that have exposed old facades in downtown Vancouver.

  11. NickRohla25 says:

    Fantastic video! loved seeing Vancouver as it was “then”…music perfectly fits the video. I had never heard of the “City Reflections” project, but will definitely look into it. Thank you!?

  12. dublindame says:

    Absolutely wonderful video. Music is? perfect…tranquil, wistful.

  13. swpier29 says:

    105 years ago. it’s stunning? to think that this was far back enough that everybody in the film is dead, but they lived close enough to our age to be captured by film…

  14. skobi says:

    Are you in Vancouver? I would love to incorporate this into a study on? Urban Geography I’m doing for school.

  15. stumo57 says:

    I? can’t believe the number of times that I clicked and dragged trying to look around a la Google Streetview.

  16. ihath says:

    a gem of? a video

  17. KushPizzaSleep says:

    shame vancouver tour down most of its historic buildings now we are stuck with? all this terrible “post moderism” crap from the 50s and 60s

  18. dougthefiddler says:

    This is really a precious window into a different age! And I think the music? fits it perfectly! Thanks for posting!

  19. CpatainCanuck says:

    It’s funny: the big, hulking mansions like those that can be seen beginning 5:33 are being built again: replacing the? tiny little houses built in the 40s and 50s and the Box-like “Vancouver Specials” built from 1965-1985.

  20. raize604 says:

    awesome thanks for posting? this

  21. Ezdduf4kuZ says:

    This video is one of those most precious videos on youtube when it comes to our roots, whether it be Vancouver Canada where? I grew up or Edmonton or any other larger city, anywhere that is typical of the street scenes here in theis vodeo. The thing is I do know old ouver well and yet don’t connect to serve, even the Sun Building which is still standing isn’t seen off Hastings St. at Beatty. I can’t believe what was Robson St. in 1907 was all residental houses like when did they dissapear?THX

  22. mariepotterhere says:

    Kind of mesmerizing with the music,? the fact that’s not staged or a Hollywood made film, this is really how people dressed, got around and what Vancouver started as in 1907.