The largest flashmob in the history of Canada Day meet at Major’s Hill Park on July 1st 2011. Brought to you by: www.shantitea.ca dancewithalana.com Created by www.binduproductions.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Twitter (www.twitter.com Facebook (facebook.com The Book – (AmericabutBetter.com) Co-produced by Chris Cannon (cannonwriter.com), Brian M Calvert (brianMcalvert). and Point Blank Creative, Vancouver (pointblankcreative.ca). Queen’s voice by Karin Inghammar, announcer by Brian M Calvert.

26 Responses to “FLASH MOB – Wave Your Flag – OTTAWA CANADA DAY 2011 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

  1. thezachshow100 says:

    y does? amaricans hate canada i was born in us but i live in canada

  2. cb91t says:

    You must be an American?

  3. Victoria Caldwell says:

    i was there i live there too it? was so fun

  4. Lerbalerb says:

    I wish us Americans did? fun stuff like this… OH! happy 145th birthday to canada. I know its a little over a month late but it’s the thought that counts! <3

  5. mcpartridgeboy says:

    dont be? gay, i dont have to like stupid peope if i dont wanna, now go play with a ball

  6. az0963818 says:

    Lightin’ up tight ass!? lol

  7. 1970shellbee says:

    I sooo? love the name, Bronwyn!

  8. MsColdCanada says:

    Embarrassed by what? I think it was a job well done. It also looked like? fun.

  9. Sarah Jayne says:

    Beautiful? country wow, must visit someday xx

  10. Toeside9 says:

    0:49? Hahaha

  11. Davidgandara10996 says:

    Man who knew Canadians can have fun hahaha? lmao JK

  12. 401house says:

    And btw’ I WISH I WAS? THERE!!!

  13. 401house says:

    What program was used to? edit this? Especially the intro?

  14. dragons145872 says:

    f??c j’├ętais la le soir j’ai? manquer sa

  15. TheDubDisciple says:

    If you mean being able to use? racial slurs and commit hates crimes sure but if you think we lack freedom of expression youtube Batman’s night out.

  16. indiana0jones7 says:

    When is the Queen (of Canada) gonna return the Koh-i-Noor diamond to the (East) Indians? I’m sorry but I need more honest people? people to run for the presidency, as there are enough “politicians” inside the homeland.

  17. RandalOulton says:

    End it? at about 1:48, after that just goes on too long…. we got the point… :}

  18. Rixar13 says:

    I’m? switching from the “Rent’s too Damn High Party”…

  19. Kelsey Burton says:

    Yes we Canada shirts? coffee mugs? Doggie? sweaters?

  20. icebergrider says:

    Very funny. And? well done. lol

  21. W Major says:

    well done!?

  22. anantach says:

    Go Canada!!!

  23. drbtyler1 says:

    Can never get enough of these! Keep ’em coming? eh! Lmao! Well done guys!

  24. 41v94son says:

    I’m British and i? find this hillarious. Go Canada!!!

  25. dgdhqgdyukqud says:

    I GOT YA. Jesus? Christ…………

  26. MrsSlocombes says:

    LOL brilliant!? Bravo!