Five Alarm Funk – OFFICIAL VIDEO!

Five Alarm Funk video by We filmed this video over Two shows at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues festival(they treated us great!) in August 2010, a big year for us! After the early year party that was the Olympics (in which we were neck deep) we did this after touring Canada coast to coast in July and then went on to spend two weeks at the Keelung midsummer Ghost festival in Taiwan(That was RAD!). This 41 minutes gives you a good Idea of the FAF concert experience. . .. Check out our Facebook Event page for all the upcoming shows! ***************************** +++++OUR NEXT SHOWS ARE:+++++ May 5th the Goodfoot – Portland, Oregon May 6th the Reef – Boise, Idaho May 7th John’s Alley – Moscow, Idaho May 27th – Olympia, Washington May 28th Jazzbones – Tacoma, Washington June 3rd Tractor Tavern – Seattle, Washington June 4th Nyne Bar – Spokane, Washington June 24th Courtney, BC – The Bridge June 25th Tofino, BC – The Legion June 26th Vancouver Jazzfest – Gastown Maple tree sqaure stage July 3rd Victoria Jazzfest July 17th Ness Creek Festival Saskatchewan Aug 19, 21 Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival Aug 20 Oliver BC festival of the Tomato +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ . **************************** . . . . Five Alarm Funk is a horn powered, percussion fuelled sonic and visual assault. For more than six years the band has brought their relentless and unforgettable live show to clubs and major festivals across Canada and the United States. The
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Man in Wheelchair Stops Robber (Caught On Camera)

***Raw Robbery Footage at 02.04*** A Vancouver man in a wheelchair was touted as a hero Saturday night after he stopped a would-be robber. Cindy Grewal, owner of Food Stop on Commercial Drive, was at the counter when a man came in to the store. Grewal said he gave her a suspicious-looking bill, so she told him she was keeping it and calling the police. “He [then] comes into the counter area and threatens to rob me,” Grewal told The Province. Larry Skopnik was in the store and heard the commotion. Grewal said he rolled over to the counter, grabbed the man by the neck and wrestled him to the ground, falling to the floor himself. Other customers rushed over to help as Grewal called 911. “Right at the moment that he was about to go in and get physical with her, I found that that was unacceptable,” Skopnik told CTV News. “All I really wanted to do was just end the situation. “Just because I’m in a chair doesn’t mean I can’t stand up and do what’s right.” Grewal called Skopnik, one of her regular customers, a hero. “He didn’t think for a moment that he can’t even walk,” she said. “He nabbed that guy.”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “Five Alarm Funk – OFFICIAL VIDEO!”

  1. ells44200 says:

    thumbs up if you saw them at roots and blues? 2012! Greatest night ever!

  2. TheDropdeadk says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys at? Roots n Blues again!

  3. talkshowhost07 says:

    seeing them? TONIIIIIGHT WOOHHOOOO!!!

  4. ordinaryme44 says:

    Seriously, I am madly in love with all of FAF. Please never? stop making music; I literally jam out to this stuff in my car EVERY DAY.

  5. holmd90 says:

    And they? are going to be back again!!

  6. Erise420 says:

    Great band,? great people. Loved seeing them live, very entertaining.

  7. youwhoglue says:

    FAF are rockin the house. The house is SunFest, Ptbo, SA and everywhere. We’re diggin yr tunes. Go ing to? the Go- Go, everybody, go FAF!

  8. OmegaLara685 says:

    The? best version of this song that I found was on and you can download the mp3 or import it into itunes.

  9. JordanSawchuk says:

    Five Alarm Funk rocked the funk out of Salmon Arm R&B again last night! Dust, weed smoke, and dancers crowded into a barn, one of the best live shows I’ve ever experienced. You guys kick ass!?

  10. TheReclamation14 says:

    @FiveAlarmFunk What is that intro? song called? (the one after “anything is possible” is shouted) That riff is so badass!

  11. HSavify says:

    stoked for roots and? blues 2011 !!

  12. AnEthiopianBoy says:

    watched? em tonight at the Northern in Fernie. Solid start to my 19th birthday

  13. slowpoketales says:

    @IGotN0 and? @FunkyBridges … they’re playing Windsor on the 8th of July this year at the Phog Lounge. Just check out their website for show dates.

  14. simonebelshaw says:


  15. drumtravelfun says:

    Wow he didn’t introduce? Larry in the studio…

  16. redrabbit85 says:

    Saw you? guys in Kamloops at the beginning of March…just missed you in Winnipeg though. Come back soon! Amazing show!

  17. vh1promo says:

    Hey suban el? de la marcha zombie

  18. FunkyBridges says:

    I second? that!

  19. Indianawill1 says:

    Real life? Joe Swanson

  20. ArcticZ0NE says:

    Someone should be a hero and correct all of? your grammar mistakes.

  21. MrUnknown747 says:

    Holding a theif until police arrived and he got charged? how”?

  22. patrick20210 says:

    im quad! good job man!!Quebec? Canada.

  23. chargersfreak30 says:

    nvr underestimate?

  24. Hassboy1990 says:

    @lilisrael1217 his name is Larry? Skopnik

  25. lilisrael1217 says:

    whats the mans name? on the wheelchair

  26. Zana3D says:

    And I guess your grammar proves that you are not in fact, dumb? Go listen? to Nikki Minaj’s ass sing you 12 year old prick.

  27. spydergs07 says:

    Your just a pansy and your scared of dying to help someone out.
    I have a family but they all know that if I witnessed a robbery i’m doing something about it. If I die or not.
    I helped a clerk with a drunk irate person before, no they didn’t show a knife but so what. he might have had one idk. Still he was a smaller guy the drunk was quite a bit bigger and I was? able to catch him off guard until police showed up. But nothing about it was televised. Nor do I care if it was televised pansy.

  28. spydergs07 says:

    Your a pansy and selffish. I would help someone out in a heart beat if someone was robbing a store. That girl behind? the counter most likely has a family and they would be devastated if she was killed. Why not help her out and apprehend the robber?

  29. MarkKaput says:

    “i stopped a robber and? all i got was this free water”

  30. TheGoonie415 says:

    If the guy had a gun or knife then obviously I’m not going? to tackle him.If there Is something I could do to help then I would.Still If someone tried to wrestle with a guy that had a gun to save people, I wouldn’t call him stupid,that’s brave.

  31. SaM9881000 says:

    how can u say would rather be ‘dumb” then some bystander ‘ smart guy’ ? you would rather risk your life to? stop a criminal? why not life it in the cops hands? how about if you get shot? or stabbed with a knife? you don’t think your family would be depressed? you got to think about people that care about you. It’s not your responsibility to stop a criminal it’s no ones, its the cops, they want cash,or whatever, the cashier should give them it and no one should risk their own lives trying to stop

  32. TheGoonie415 says:

    I’d rather be ‘dumb’ than some? bystander ‘smart’ guy.