Fishing with Rod: Jungle Monster Trout

For more fishing videos, please visit: Monster rainbow trout are what we fish for when visiting Ruddocks Ranch and we are not disappointed! For more information on fishing at Ruddocks Ranch, please go to Subscribe to go Fishing with Rod! Be a Fishing with Rod fan on Facebook: Camera: Nina Manique Edit: Rodney Hsu Music: Peter McIsaac Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nardwuar vs. Katy Perry Pt 1 of 2 - The Extended Version

Pt 1 of 2 of Nardwuar the Human Serviette’s interview with Katy Perry backstage at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC, Canada! Watch Part TWO here

35 Responses to “Fishing with Rod: Jungle Monster Trout”

  1. SnapBackCollector211 says:

    thats right but i? think its the smell is not strong

  2. fishingwithrod says:

    Because it’s fishing. Some days are excellent,? some days are poor, that’s what keeps us going back.

  3. SnapBackCollector211 says:

    hi i was using these salmon eggs in a jar and i tied them up for spawn sack i caught 1 brown but the last couple weeks they? haven’t been strikeing why

  4. fishingwithrod says:

    You can? say that again.

  5. Jacob Blaikie says:

    Try? halibut fishing

  6. Duebelmaster says:

    I’m so sorry. Good video though.?

  7. fishingwithrod says:

    This is just north of Lytton in British Columbia. Check out ruddocks dot ca for more information or? Google “Ruddocks Ranch”.

  8. Jacob Blaikie says:

    Where is? the lake around

  9. akintomeatloaf says:

    What dry fly were you? using?
    Since it was so shallow, you decided to use the dry fly/floating line, correct?
    …and yes, great video!
    It’s fishing, not catching, and those big ones that get away make you come back for more!

  10. Sam Merriman says:

    Thats why its called fishing. Not just? catching

  11. fishingwithrod says:


  12. Stamkos60 says:

    Its called sport fishing.?

  13. Stamkos60 says:

    This? is in Canada right?

  14. fishingwithrod says:

    Yap lots then fail to perform, that’s how a true fisherman does it. 😉 Thanks? for watching.

  15. TheFishnClips says:

    Nice! :)?

  16. fishingwithrod says:

    No,? just rainbow trout.

  17. spencer mckinzie says:

    are there bass or other fish? about that size in that lake?

  18. beastmoders76 says:

    nice? man ive used all your tips i caught 4 fish

  19. Enrique Santiago says:

    Beautiful? and big trout!

  20. xNACHOCHEESE36 says:

    i? just caught three fish today but i dont remember wat they were D:

  21. Cheryl Robinson says:

    im down in Australia what fly would you suggest for rainbow? trout

  22. AUGundam says:

    If I? were fishing a lake like this with bait, what would you suggest?

  23. kyklain86 says:

    dude, put up a good fight. i havent caught anything that big. nice though. keep up the good work! :)?

  24. OverBudGrow says:

    she? have big fruits !

  25. TheAfroman569 says:

    Those? tits…

  26. Ike Obe says:

    omg! just omg! i wish i went to high skool w/ her & hadda? time traveling device =) lol

  27. MastaMatt123 says:

    I like the part when? she BREASTS.

  28. sachfm says:

    Katy Perry and Nard repping Mad Caddies!?

  29. jsh24jsh says:

    That bitch killed my? boner at 4:00

  30. marcelomantra says:

    she’s? sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!

  31. GonzoGenius says:

    They are? ALWAYS watching. Remember that.

  32. jaredabeyta says:

    Her sister has no? soul.

  33. ModestMousekateer says:

    Please reupload in 1080p…for the sake of everyone.?

  34. welaughindoors91 says:

    nardwuar is crushing on katy? perry?

  35. Katie Quinn says: