Fishing with Rod: Fraser River Sturgeon, Part Two

For more fishing videos, please visit: Fraser River has the largest freshwater fish species in the world. In this feature, our good friend Lang from Lang’s Fishing Adventures takes us along to search for white sturgeon in the Tidal Fraser River. This is part two of two of the feature. To book a guided sturgeon fishing trip on the Fraser River, please visit http Subscribe to go Fishing with Rod! Be a Fishing with Rod fan on Facebook: Camera: Nina Manique Edit: Rodney Hsu Music: Getty Images Inc. Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production
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21 Responses to “Fishing with Rod: Fraser River Sturgeon, Part Two”

  1. Lee Vue says:

    I was? tired just watching you reeling the sturgeon. Wow…what a fight. Awsome!

  2. happy2dab says:

    Intense fight? man

  3. NatureKings says:

    Wow! Haven’t fished the Fraser for years! Brings back great? memories! Awesome sturgeon!!

  4. XtremeAngler1000 says:

    oh and i believe the largest fish in in the world is the Beluga Sturgeon, but it might? be extinct by now 🙁 caviar poachers are the worst

  5. XtremeAngler1000 says:

    Wow I would love to come up and here and catch some when I get older. I have been? fishing all my life and I’m def up for the challenge.

  6. fishingwithrod says:

    That’s what happens when you think you are about to go for a swim… 😉

    The rods are Shimano Terez and? the reels are Talica 16.

  7. hendy4584 says:

    Lol, love the language at 12:53. These fish will bring it out of a guy though.

    BTW I am an avid sturgeon? fisherman and haven’t ever seen the rod and reel combos the guide has. Can you tell me what they are?

  8. fishingwithrod says:


  9. fishingwithrod says:


  10. fishingwithrod says:


  11. Nico G says:

    WOW!!!!! Super proud of you guys!!! Work hard? and keep going!!!!!!!!!

  12. beanbagrolo56 says:

    Fab? Video!!!

  13. sportfisher7 says:


  14. Fisherteamify says:

    Nice? fish!

  15. fishingwithrod says:

    Thank? you!

  16. vdalend says:

    Great video man, been checking the channel for a long time now, you deserve a like and? new sub. Greets from Holland

  17. fishingwithrod says:

    Thanks for watching and subscribing! :)?

  18. Ben Clark says:

    Just subscribed! Your videos are in a different division from the rest, i enjoy them a lot! especially the? fly fishing ones as i am a fly fisherman too.

  19. BigTimeYukon says:

    AWESOME STUFF!! come check out? BigTimeYukon

  20. Why8827 says:


  21. Kelvin Andino says:

    You should be a guide.? You would be great at it with all your knowledge in fishing.