First Nations Dance of Canada

First Nations Dance of Canada presents the Dance of the First Nations of Canada. The welcoming dance.
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3rd Alarm Apartment Fire at UBC

Vancouver BC – Crews battle a 3rd alarm apartment fire at 2507 Pearkes Lane at UBC.
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43 Responses to “First Nations Dance of Canada”

  1. daisydukes says:

    I love this!- absolutely breathtaking. I love being Filipino-Canadian. Being a Canadian to me is being a part of everyone. now, all the government? has to do is give them more opportunities.

  2. JillnRe says:

    I’m sorry but thats wrong.. most people make fun of natives. We do keep our distance from their culture though, but its so pretty.?

  3. Zelinkfangrrl says:

    Not entirely… But more so. -___- *is native? and STILL gets shit*

  4. jfgjghjsghjgjfjh says:


  5. jfgjghjsghjgjfjh says:

    this bull shit

  6. PictureVlogs says:

    lol? idiot

  7. PictureVlogs says:

    nah we failed that too do some research trust me we arent much? better than the us

  8. 1412Bunny says:

    they aren’t Metis …. do some research.? :/

  9. woooo401 says:

    wuts? the song

  10. TwilightZonesama says:

    This is so beautiful, I keep? replaying it 🙂

  11. FillyloversHeart124 says:

    I’m an American I agree with you that’s one thing I am? NOT proud of my Nation for… the disrespect that we treated our First nations Tribes

  12. MrMW2RULZ says:

    don’t hate…? appreciate!

  13. ohayonasiakasan says:

    Really You met his cousion?! WOW! so cool! I would Love to meet him in person! Your Chanel looks good so i have subscribed to it! If you want you can add me as a friend! I want to meet his cousion too! I only heard about Nathanuel Arcand here in England while i was watching? Murdoch Mysteries. I must admit they treated the First Nations and the Native Americans terribly back then.

  14. lilwarriorprincess says:

    I know, hes cute hey? I met his cousin, world famous male hoop dancer Dallas? Arcand, and hes very nice too:) he comes to my hometown almost every summer to perform for Peachfest and to share his love of hoopdancing:)

  15. lilwarriorprincess says:

    my friends husband bought her tickets to the opening ceremony and she said it was amazing and? that now she could see why Im so proud to be native and why I love pow wow music:)

  16. MsRealawesome says:

    this? is amazing….

  17. ohayonasiakasan says:

    I love the? First Nations! They have a beautiful culture! and plus i have a huge crush on Nathaniel Arcand as well. But this was amazing on the T.V

  18. avance1979 says:

    This makes me? incredibly proud to be a Canadian.

  19. cherryblossom1351 says:

    YAY!!! lol I’m so proud?

  20. peyoteskye71 says:

    i totally agree, i am one of “them”. try growing up on Pine? Ridge

  21. stupidusername84 says:

    That really doesn’t say much. We’ve done so? much more harm to them then things like this make up for.

  22. alexthegreat08 says:

    Amazing. I remember watching this live, and it gave me goosebumps (in a good way) 🙂 I’m really happy that the First Nations people were able to showcase their? culture at the games. It was an amazing sight to behold.

  23. darrellrossjr says:

    This was awesome to watch. As a First Nations person it was awesome to see the indigenous youth pay tribute to our ancestors. Seeing all the different nations also shows the diversity of the Indigenous people of Canada. There? are hundreds of tribes with different languages, different cultures (Northwest, Inuit, Prairies, and the East).
    There are four tribes within the greater Vancouver/Whistler areas. The Musqueam, tsleilwatuth, squamish, lilwat.
    Thank you for sharing this video.

  24. PurbaProductions says:

    whats? the song called

  25. MrRm911medic says:

    This isn’t Detroit, where burning down houses is? a form of urban renewal.

  26. ffjsb says:

    Maybe if they made? a ladder truck with tracks like a tank maybe. Did you not notice there was no access?

  27. 2006SHAYBABY says:


  28. Camman010 says:

    What happened? to Tower 10 that is stationed at the UBC hall?

  29. Jefftank61 says:

    wow…this is sad! ?

  30. Webkinznr3 says:

    looks like there were fire sprinklers which? is a good thing

  31. Xuntouchable03 says:

    great video!?

  32. terencetake2 says:

    I guess the UBC FD finally got a real fire to deal with… after dealing with the Chemistry building being on fire for the 12381298301928301928 time? in the week

  33. mrtrain91114 says:

    can u say hook and? ladder or snorkel

  34. youidiot222 says:

    Due to the location of the building they were unable to put an aerial device up to the fire. As you can see in? the video there was a large courtyard on one side and large trees on the other side. They did put up an Aerial on the far side of the building so the guys could get up to the roof.

  35. detroitfirefighter says:

    So,? I’m I to understand, that an aerial ladder/platform wasn’t available? …That it was neccessary to put personnel on the roof with slippery AFFF to extinguish from the roof?

  36. boerenlol says:

    Nice footage?

  37. 930alpha says:

    i got? a big hairy cock

  38. youidiot222 says:

    Yeah I? watched that too, Some people should stick to watching videos and not making them.

  39. hpflyboi says:

    Wow, I got? through 15 seconds before becoming ill from all the shaking and VERY poor footage. Definately prefer this one over Acadia park!!

  40. tractordude290 says:

    what brand? of airpacks are those?

  41. garycalgary says:

    they seemed to have a hard time pointing the hose at the fire and seemed more? interested in hosing down the side of the building

  42. 911caddy says:

    I quite enjoyed this video! Nice to see the local career guys? doin’ their thing!

  43. firealarmfreak5 says:

    at 3:05 you ca hear a? bell