First Look: Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn (Live Action Series)

First Look: Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn (Live Action Series)

Full Fact Sheet: — The series launches Oct. 5 and will be a series of 5 episodes. There will be an extended special edition cut on Nov. 6. IGN visits the set in Vancouver, BC to see the making of the Halo live action series, Forward Unto Dawn. See the first behind-the-scenes footage and production stills here. Head over to IGN for more Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: TAGS: “master chief” “halo 4 forward unto dawn” “daniel cudmore” “343 studios” “halo movie” “master chief suit” ignentertainment “frank oconnor” “halo web series” ign “halo interview” feature waypoint “tv series” “halo foward unto dawn”
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Tesla, Reincarnation, Time Travel & Extraterrestrials: Patrick Flanagan and Sterling Allan An interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre VANCOUVER, BC – ExopoliticsTV today releases a wide-ranging July 11, 2012 interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre with scientist Patrick Flanagan and New Energy Congress founder Sterling Allan covering Nikola Tesla’s 1902 interactive communications with an intelligent civilization on Mars civilization, Tesla-techology for time travel, and the hypothesis that Patrick Flanagan may be the “reincarnation” of scientist Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 — 7 January 1943), based of a pattern of regularities in the early and mid-life of Patrick Flanagan that have been found by (now deceased) parapsychologist Prof. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia Medical School to establish authenticity of identified prior lives. Patrick Flanagan – Scientific biography According to his biography, Patrick Flanagan, who was born on Oct. 11, 1944 (22 months after Nikola Testla died), “invented the Neurophone in 1958. It is an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain, for which he received US Patent no.3393279 in 1968. “The invention earned him a profile in Life magazine, which called him a “unique, mature and inquisitive scientist”. Flanagan has continued to develop the neurophone and it is currently being sold as an aid to speed learning. “Flanagan at age eleven developed and sold a guided missile detector

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  1. BestHaloCinema says:

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  2. semperdrift says:

    Ain’t that the truth.

  3. MsGamekills says:

    the? chick is the girl from narnia

  4. Timestopper117 says:

    I’m not being a hater? but they could have hired more attractive actors…

  5. anotherquiter says:

    greenskull? sent me here ­čśŤ

  6. BlindDrummer100 says:

    That is so? effin true

  7. iPlayiOS says:


  8. TheGrimArcher says:

    To put it simply, I? won’t doubt that the events DID take place, but I’d imagine it in a way more befitting of the universe that I had read in novels and played in the games.

  9. TheGrimArcher says:

    They gave a script, and that was open to the studio’s choice of direction for that specific? story. Though I appreciate the unique storytelling, there ARE discrepancies in those episodes.

    I was more partial to the Halo novels, as the Halo universe, much like alot of things, change in context when it’s translated into Japanese animation.

    Though it’s still very possible, I for one do not enjoy the cliche melodramatic form of storytelling, as to why I consider most of it soft-canon.

  10. MuzicNerds says:

    Actually frankie wrote most of the story lines and scripts for Halo legends, and? i really like what he did. Everything he did was canon.

  11. TheGrimArcher says:

    Like, unfortunately-named marine “Ghost” DID pilot and destroy the prototype precursor to the MJOLNIR suits.

    Or in The Package, the Spartan team DID rescue Halsey (albiet under mysterious circumstances) but obviously she shouldn’t have been portrayed so young.

    I’m certain only Odd One Out and Origins (the one with? a rampant Cortana accounting the mostly false history of the Human-Covenant War) are the only ones that are completely non-canon. Others are soft-canon.

  12. TheGrimArcher says:

    Ehh, sort of. True the Japanese have a really cliche way of depicting their characters (such as emotionally distant, long haired, bad-boy male characters and swoon-y, hapless romantic? female characers) the only things set in stone from the Legends are the main plot, not the character’s portrayal.

  13. matteeh100 says:

    Yeah we still haven’t seen any live action covenant other than brutes huh? Make it happen? Frankie!

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  15. skyeatsyourface says:

    None of it should have been considered canon.? Some of the stuff, like the 1337 and the CG one were pretty good. But having any of it considered canon messes with the universe.

  16. Revatron Prime says:

    And your videos are? better?

  17. ImJammy726 says:

    Fkn gay?

  18. fishersofmenvideo says:

    Not impressed with your spurious use of John 9:2 to support reincarnation. Guess you’ve forgotten about the theological Christian teaching on “original sin” – the reason Jesus came to redeem Mankind, by the way. So the disciples asked if the child was contaminated by sin in the womb, or his parents had sinned – resulting in blindness at birth as a form of judgment from God. Contrast this with the theology on the “Immaculate Conception of Mary”, born without original sin in the? womb of St. Anne.

  19. PastLifeTherapyCtr says:

    Your subscribers may appreciate a Past Life Therapy video and case? study revealing Thomas Edison Reincarnated.Ôäó The Youtube video titled “Thomas Edison Reincarnated-PastLifeTherapyCe┬şnter |Past Life Regression| (Adult Language)” is a featured recording that is both compelling and important to disclose for its historical significance and understanding of an internally tortured man, Thomas Alva? Edison. It reveals Edison’s hatred for archrival, Nikola Tesla.

  20. Blurns says:

    Why doesn’t? he share Tesla’s knowledge of how electric fields & longitudinal waves work now?

  21. ines grijalva says:

    If Patrick Flanagan is working in service to Humanity, what difference does it makes if he is really Nicola Tesla or not. He has the memories to prove it. Who knows how this Incarnation Issue works ? Who can say if it is allowed for several Human Beings to have the KNOWLEDGE Tesla had in? his previous life ? WHO KNOWS… WHO CAN TELL THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE ?… GOOD FOR YOU NIKOLA TESLA… WELCOME BACK…!!!

  22. LIFESKEY says:

    Hey Patrick -? check out a new book titled: ZTINGAR

  23. ExopoliticsTV says:

    NOTE: We have received reports that Patrick Flanagan’s website phisciences has periodically been overwhelmed with? viewer demand and is periodically offline. You may want to keep trying.

    Thank you.

  24. trangenusa says:

    IF Patrick Flanigan is? Nicolas Tesla, I want to see him make the Pierce-Arrow that runs off of ambient energy, and go up to 50 MPH, at a distance of 90 miles. And it doesn’t have to be a Pierce-Arrow, it can be any modern car.

  25. Oriannubis says:

    phisciences home page is not working, cannot access. ?

  26. apparentlyapparel says:

    My regards to all who participated in this video, Sterling, Dr. Flanagan, and Mr. Webre. Thank you so much for this, I really? needed it. I just finished Towards a New Alchemy by Nick Begich, and I am very interested in Flanagan Technology.

    Anyone whose jaw doesn’t drop after hearing the first ten minutes of this needs to re-start and listen closer. FLANAGAN=TESLA This is amazing! This is just too good of an interview..that I am on the edge of my seat also hanging on every word. YES!

  27. AerobineVAWT says:

    Hello Alfred and all, as I am the self proclaimed reincarnation of Mark Twain = Samuel Clemens and I have worked with TESLA in his lab again in this life time &this man in this video is not tesla in my humble opinion. I will debate this and have left comments on my facebook wall regarding this subject! MERLIN JT!? MAAT Inter Dimensional Federation Of Free Worlds Innovation Station = THE REAL TESLA AND TWAIN!!! ­čÖé Wanna Have A Debate facebook / JesterTerrestrial typo pls delete 1st comment regards

  28. fitchaustralia says:

    Thank you so much for this interview Alfred. I really appreciate it. Patrick is a special human being. It’s good to get him more out? in the world for the things that he can get done working with others.


    Mark Hoza


  29. lillupixie says:

    what if teachings of reincarnation are wrong, what if the story of a past life isn’t? yours but of a ghost/spirit that connects ?

  30. catgirlhawaii says:

    He might be a? “TELSA KID” instead of reincarnation? memories in DNA?- I know someone who works with Telsa Kids- they clone Telsa DNA- get in touch with Lavandar at- starseedhotline. com she could help you- info- with other telsa kids/Adults- Now like you. hope this helps…interesting info- Also Telsa is from Orion-his ET connection

  31. seektruthandwisdom says:

    Faith without proof.The disciples asked Jesus on one occasion if a man was born blind because he had sinned prior to his birth.Think about that.They believed in reincarnation.If they didn’t the question wouldn’t make sense.Did Jesus rebuke them or make a statement that reincarnation is a false teaching?No.He said that it was neither that man nor his parents that sinned that caused him to be? born blind.John the Baptist was said to be the return of Elijah.Is that figurative?Can take it either way.

  32. miangelsai55 says:

    Alfred , something very special happens to me now after finish watching the video, is an intense desire to give to Patrick my most deepest and brotherly hugg ever . He is the ONE !
    I can┬┤t put in words my feelings at this moment, Only to say thanks to the 3 of you for making this video,
    I get too emotional just thinking on the consecuences of this interview..I am sure it will be a before and after very soon..
    I am at Patrick┬┤s service for wathever he need from Argentina , free time? to help.!

  33. celticprincess913 says:

    loved this video.. so? much knowledge and great info!!! Patrick is a wonderful man in his own right!!

  34. freedomination2 says:

    I also believe there is a advanced race of grey type beings on Mars. I believe that the Project Serpo releases are from a trip to Mars and NOT Zeta Reticuli. I made a vid about my idea last year. “Project Crystal Knight: A trip to Mars?” /watch?v=AgqZgjiNOyo Also watch my vid “What is happening on Mars” watch?v=Orh5vOSrsZU “Meet the Martian’s” /watch?v=sxeLCJDeGrg? Thanks for this interview!