FastCat BC Ferries From Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

BC Ferries FastCat Ferry From Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada Log Dump Time Lapse 2 days of boat sinking and re floating
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[OFFICIAL] UBC LipDub - Raise Your Glass & Celebrity Status (ft. Marianas Trench and more!) in HD

Starring: Marianas Trench’s Josh Ramsay, Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley, and Matt Webb, with Kirsten Wicklund, and Daniel Magder On Saturday March 26, 2011, over 1000 people gathered to rock out and lipsynch to Raise Your Glass (P!nk) and Celebrity Status (Marianas Trench). We have partnered up with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every sponsored hit of this video sends money to Make-A-Wish. Thanks to our VIEW SPONSORS: Pacific Blue Cross (#0-50000) Smythe Ratcliffe Accountants (#950000-1050000) Thanks also to our PRODUCTION SPONSOR: Provision Film Equipment and Rentals We are always looking for new sponsors. Please contact the UBCLipDub Team at Happy 125th Birthday Vancouver! Love, UBC LipDub. Happy Sharing! May the DUB be with you. UBC LipDub A Jab Rewind Ltd. Production (all original contents are copyright Jab Rewind Productions Ltd; all music used under license from EMI and 604 Records) *Special Thanks to Stephen Colbert…for your daily inspiration.
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19 Responses to “FastCat BC Ferries From Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada”

  1. KushPizzaSleep says:

    it was more the liberal government trying to create the biggest political mess by? declaring the NDP built ships that were complete junk and wasted tax payers money and sold them for peanuts, when in reality they could have been used on other routes or retrofitted. Lets remember at least these ships were built in B.C, unlike new B.C ferries that are built in Europe and do not help the local economy /rant

  2. awaldegrave says:

    Its a good size,The were causing really big waves when it hit the shore,somebody was going to get killed from the wave,so they pulled them out of service ,There was some video on the news 11 years ago of the waves hitting the shore smashing docks and boats, 8 to 10 foot waves,I will try to find a video of it
    Thanks for watching, going out to film the super moon tonight,stay tuned?

  3. indyme2 says:

    It? really dwarfs that other boat. That is one large ferry.

  4. awaldegrave says:

    Yea? ,Sept 1999

  5. niceprguy2 says:

    Wow… this one? was from a while back…

  6. whiteboy7thst24 says:

    Shit I? am at sfu

  7. Joel Watts says:

    Awesome LipDub! I just watched the “LINDSAY LIPDUB”…totally different…but? man… Canada know’s its lipdub style for sure!!!

  8. mischiefmismanaged says:

    Depending on where you live, the college/university distinction isn’t important. But I see where @MsPenguinlover456 is coming from. In Canada, a college is usually a lower level two year college, while university refers to more prestigious upper level education. But in the states the two terms are used interchangeably.?

  9. Zannworks says:

    My favorite? By far.

  10. ESPhotolicious says:

    Damn…..I really wish I’d chosen UBC instead of? Calgary………… *le sigh*

  11. Imma Strange Child says:

    Needs? more Marianas Trench xc

  12. pikachumasters12 says:

    if hes from the us he? is correct its a college

  13. pikachumasters12 says:


  14. BenAnJerryss says:

    1:47 Freddie Wong??

  15. joshzam says:

    One of the most amazing lipdubs ever! Thanks for sharing your energy? and creativity and congrats!!

  16. sarcee1960 says:

    Thumbs up if you’re a parapalegic!?

  17. MrsMickeyLover says:

    And THIS is why Vancouver is awesome!?

  18. Koreanhipster says:

    This video makes me so glad I? chose UBC.

  19. BboyNoob1 says:

    my high school? just did their lip dub! ITS FREAKING AMAZING (better than your average high school lip dub) . check it out at TrudeauSAC 😀