Fascination Canada

The journey starts in Halifax and stretches right across Canada, from east to west and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Halifax is situated in a deep, well-defined bay on the Atlantic coastline and has one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. Ville De Quebec is the capital of the likewise-named province of Canada. In this European-orientated city on the St. Laurence river, French is the main language. In 1608, Samuel De Champlain established it as a centre for the fur trade. The massive and world famous Chateau Frontenac is the city’s best known landmark. In Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, the massive Basilica, the Oratoire Saint-Joseph, is an important pilgrimage destination and in the charming French-style area of the city which is located between the harbour and the modern banking quarter, numerous old buildings have been restored. In Native American, Toronto means, “Meeting Place” an accurate description for the capital of Ontario Province and Canada’s largest city, a multi-cultural city with giant skyscrapers and noisy streets. The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing building in the world and in less than a minute its lift ascends 335 metres to the top. Niagara Falls lies between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on the Canadian-American border. A trip on the ‘Maid Of The Mist’ is a magnificent experience where the tremendous power of the water is awesome. Three times a week, the Canadian, with its 30 wagons, 2 locomotives and total length of more
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13 Responses to “Fascination Canada”

  1. mrsWHWH says:

    They spelled Canada wrong in the closing? credits.

  2. MERMOZ1959 says:

    Mille mercis de m’avoir permis de voyager pendant près d’une heure dans un pays? superbe. C’est vraiment génial.

  3. leen balunatse says:

    i dream to witness the view in real wish one day my dreams come true? …lyn_times_heart@yahoo.com……….

  4. Flamingo Barnes says:

    this is some future travel… pick your location and time period.? canada, 1980s-90s here we come

  5. Tschennnnie says:

    And what does he mean,? in 1999? How is it possible this wasn’t made in the 80s??

    Also, there was no mention of Calgary. Booo!

    Sorry about the multiple posts, but there was a lot to make fun of in this video!

  6. Tschennnnie says:

    The train stops in the booming metropolis of Sioux. Then they head to “Winney-peg” for 3 seconds, and? Edmonton for another 3 seconds. There is no mention of Saskatchewan, except a passing reference to its many, many cornfields. (Interesting fact: They are actually wheat or canola fields.)
    There is soo much wrong about the Vancouver portion. The statue is called Girl in a Wetsuit, not the Swimming Girl. The 1986 Expo was not in the 90s. It’s not the capital, the mysteriously absent Victoria is.

  7. Tschennnnie says:

    Blah blah blah Halifax. Blah blahhhhh blahhhhhhhh Quebec. Blah blah? Toronto.
    “Canada’s native inhabitants, the Inuits” are only one of the many tribes, and they don’t live in Quebec City! Geez. everyone knows that. And “In Native American, Toronto means…” is like saying “In European, bloedes Arsch means…”

  8. Tschennnnie says:

    Winnipeg, we hardly met ye. and way to skip Calgary? and all of Saskatchewan!

  9. TonyXiangVancouver says:

    You’re right. But the? vedio said Vancouver was the Economic capital of Brithsh Columbia. It was also right.

  10. button709 says:

    Why not Newfoundland… why start? at Halifax

  11. Zetta Neytiri says:

    This terrible advertising every 10? minutes! It is impossible to watch! YouTube is terrible!
    And the video itself is very interesting.

  12. skeptical bird says:

    really awful music! Canadians really have better taste than? this.

  13. Susan Beaulieu says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! I think this was? paid for by Quebec travel Board.