EXP Restaurant + Bar – Hub for the Gaming Community – Fundraiser Video

Welcome to EXP Restaurant + Bar, where food, drinks and video games collide to make one awesome environment. We are holding a fundraiser at www.IndieGoGo.com to make EXP as awesome as it can be. Please enjoy the video and then head over to IndieGoGo to check out some of our prizes and perks for your contributions. 🙂 www.expbar.ca http www.twitter CREDITS!! Ori Ben-Shabat – EXP Event Footage Music By: Alijah Ladd – “The Fist, The Feet, The Street” – www.soundcloud.com Yagger’s Downtown Restaurant + Bar – Filming location – www.yaggers.com Capilano Motion Picture Arts Students Mattisse Weyler-Hubert – Producer/Director Tyler Mirecki – Co-Producer Bianca Dunn-Rydh – Editor Jonathan Bian – Director of Photography Camera Operators: Jonathan Bian Matt Probst Quinton Lai SPECIAL THANKS!! Eiko Nichols Ian Bownick Nadia Lohan Alexandre Robichaud Francois Vandette Tashia Stephanie
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 Responses to “EXP Restaurant + Bar – Hub for the Gaming Community – Fundraiser Video”

  1. Alrazhim says:

    Is that in? the old Academie Duello building?

  2. DjCINEMA says:

    congrats on the successful kickstarter eh 😀

    i really wanted to save the universe would have loved the perks, i am happy being? a bounty hunter haha.

  3. TheWolfx1vp says:

    What an awesome idea I’m so looking? forward to this

  4. 113mac113 says:

    Canada? FTW

  5. Wolfbow0 says:

    Franchise pleaseeeee?

  6. xturborx8 says:

    I wish? I could live near here….really. If there was a place like this in my country, I’d definetively be happy forever lol

    Wish you the best of the luck there guys, you have done something VERY creative, it’s not likely you will not succeed!!!

  7. lelouch3 says:

    Need? dota 2

  8. Obdurateheart says:


  9. CharlieIsLORD says:

    World of Barcraft.?

  10. Youngredfield says:

    This is the place where you should? hold Barcrafts!

  11. ChevroletEpica says:

    SNES? @ 1:30 !