Erica Madrid – 2011 Move Beyond Possible Parkour Tour

Get to know Erica Madrid, member of the APEX Movement Pro Team and featured on the 2011 Move Beyond Possible Parkour Tour. ______________________________________________ Check out for photos and blogs from the tour. ______________________________________________ The 2011 Move Beyond Possible Tour toured the western USA to attend gatherings, run workshops, and document the parkour lifestyle. Photos and videos were produced along the way as the athletes from APEX Movement pushed their limits, explored new places, and met new people. The tour hit up the following locations over 27 days and 5000 miles May 22-24 — Denver, CO May 24-26 — Albuquerque, NM May 26-28 — Phoenix, AZ May 28-29 — Las Vegas, NV May 29-30 — Joshua Tree National Park, CA May 30-June 2 — Los Angeles, CA June 3-6 — San Francisco, CA June 6-8 — Redwood National Park, CA June 8-10 — Portland, OR June 10-12 — Seattle, WA June 12-14 — Vancouver, BC June 15-16 — Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, ID June 16-18 — Salt Lake City, UT June 18-19 — Arches National Park, UT ______________________________________________ Thanks to our title sponsors: – APEX Movement ( – Movemental (http – Native Eyewear ( – XingTea (http Thanks for the additional support from: – mix1 ( – Vivo Barefoot ( – Pretty Lights ( – Natural Grocers ( – Paleo Treats (
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14 Responses to “Erica Madrid – 2011 Move Beyond Possible Parkour Tour”

  1. tdjbeasts101 says:

    lol, she also said they where barefoots in? the video

  2. yadixx aja says:


  3. DemonDrills says:

    vivo barefoot?

  4. heather4him says:

    What were the shoes? called? I want a pair!

  5. jacques rothschild says:

    i can do backflips, but then i’ll end up on a permanent injury? stuff…

  6. jacques rothschild says:

    ur ryt bout? one thing… she’s definitely a goddess..
    but… i guess it was meant to be… y’knw… me and her…. hahahahah! cuz im a GOD!

  7. Desean Leigh says:

    one of the coolest down to earth girls I’ve ever seen. you are? great and keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

  8. Matt Maloney says:

    I hate when i over think on? an obsticle and so do my teammates

  9. TaintedCherub says:

    Here in England, the concept of traceuses is akin to that of unicorns.

    Actually that’s unfair. I know a grand total of 5 across the? entire Northern UK, out of maybe 200 practitioners.

  10. vespesque says:

    Here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, compared to 20-25+ male traceurs/freerunners, I know exactly two female traceurs. Which sucks. xD?

  11. MobileGamingTA says:

    thats just tricking? -.-

  12. EricaNicoleMadrid says:

    Believe me I plan on it,? thanks for the recommendation!

  13. klantarN says:

    now u? got some serious issue’s!.

  14. flahskick69 says:

    You should make a pure parkour video 😀
    I wanna see how flexibility like yours helps in a run.
    (not doubting or? hating)