Eric Hassli of the Vancouver Whitecaps scores a wonder-goal!

Vancouver Whitecaps forward Eric Hassli scores an unbelievable goal to tie the rivalry match against the Seattle Sounders. Watch full match highlights: View Hassli’s profile: Match recap:

14 Responses to “Eric Hassli of the Vancouver Whitecaps scores a wonder-goal!”

  1. pitus1999 says:

    jabulani jabulani jabulani? ……….

  2. thecoolbs says:

    DOwnload? BUDDY SLAP iphone ipad game.. is cool and FREE :))

  3. SuperEdge78 says:

    Psycko 17 !!<3

  4. shmunkyful says:

    that was a shot? my friend…

  5. shmunkyful says:

    haha? 0:54 guy on left says it all…

  6. ger3k says:

    no it is kasey? keller hahaha

  7. messi96x says:

    sick goal?

  8. LoughgallLeeds11 says:

    @SpenyEatShitKenysGod Who is he going to??

  9. yo lo says:

    best goal ever!?

  10. aznboiwillsay says:

    Wow great? defending

  11. ZohanTSW says:

    to? jest pi?kno pi?ki no?nej

  12. RZYBOY101 says:

    i do that every morning when i wake up?

  13. Jayden Bramford says:

    Check out the skill by the goalie! WoooW?

  14. okumancify says:

    goal of d? season