ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert, Natural

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  1. ockeghem says:
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    Test it with your baby before buying, December 28, 2009
    ockeghem (Vancouver, BC Canada) –

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    This is the second Ergo infant insert I’ve bought. I bought this one hoping it would work better than the old infant insert. It doesn’t. Basically, if your newborn doesn’t like the Ergo carrier, it’s likely neither insert is going to help. You should test the Ergo with your newborn before spending the money.

    My husband and I loved the idea of the Ergo carrier, as the hip belt helps alleviate back problems and is much like our packs for backpacking, so we registered for one. But however much we like the carrier, my eight-week-old, 10.5 pound daughter hates it. I’ve been trying to get her into the Ergo using first the old infant insert, and now the Heart 2 Heart, repeatedly ever since she was born, but with no success. The moment I put her (in the insert) into the Ergo carrier, she starts screaming and doesn’t stop until I take her out. I’ve watched the video for the old insert (note: there’s no video for the Heart 2 Heart) and am following their technique exactly, but still she just hates the carrier.

    Neither insert provides enough head support for my daughter, which is why I think she screams. The Heart 2 Heart in particular doesn’t work; when she’s settled into it as per the instructions, the insert doesn’t come up high enough to support her head, and she’s not a particularly long child. So her head flops forward when she tries to look around, which frustrates her.

    Both inserts feel like a bit of an afterthought — I’m not convinced the Ergo carrier was designed with newborns in mind. Having the baby’s feet out one side in the old insert seemed like a stopgap solution, and the Heart 2 Heart doesn’t quite solve the issue, either. Interestingly, I picked up a used Baby Bjorn as a last resort after having spent all this money on the Ergo and the inserts, and she likes the Bjorn, because it’s stiffer and provides more support. I think she won’t like the Ergo until her head’s a bit steadier; we’ll go back to the Ergo then.

    So it’s worth knowing before buying this insert that it may or may not be money well spent — it all just depends on whether your child likes it or not, and there’s a possibility she won’t (as I’ve now seen multiple reports on various sites saying that their newborns also don’t like the Ergo; wish I’d done this research before getting the Ergo and spending the money on the inserts). It’s worth waiting until after your baby is born and trying out the infant inserts before buying them. Otherwise, you may want to hold off on the Ergo until 4-5 months.

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  2. Emmy Jo says:
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    Mimics the way I cuddle my baby, March 30, 2010
    Emmy Jo (Oakland, CA USA) –

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    This review is from: ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert, Natural (Baby Product)

    We purchased the Ergo Baby carrier and Heart to Heart infant insert for use with our two-month-old son. Overall, my baby and I are very happy with the product.


    1. I love that this insert holds the baby upright — my son definitely prefers being carried this way. (The older style infant insert carries the baby in a reclining position, “sling-style.”)

    2. The insert positions the baby EXACTLY the way I hold him when I’m cuddling him close to my chest. The little padded seat holds him up the way I hold him with my hands, and his legs are positioned exactly the same way. This tells me that the Heart to Heart insert really does mimic the most natural way of carrying a child.

    3. It doesn’t put all his weight on his crotch, unlike other front carriers.


    1. It’s very fluffy and padded. This is great for winter time, as you don’t need coats or blankets for the baby. But if you were to carry a summer-born infant in this carrier, you and he might become uncomfortably warm.

    2. It’s a little tricky to position the baby in comfortably, and the directions aren’t entirely clear. (At one point, the directions say it’s important to put your hands under the baby’s bottom and rotate the baby forward, which I’m still not quite sure I’m doing correctly.) But after a couple times, it’s much easier.

    3. The baby’s feet are still inside the carrier and always feel a bit squished. My son seems perfectly comfortable, so I’m sure it doesn’t bother him, but they do look rather squished.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this product for a fall- or winter-born baby. If you live in a place with very hot weather and your baby will be a newborn during the warm months, you might need something a little more light weight.

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