Epic Indie Music Video ? Just Because by Blanket Barricade ? Sad Dramatic Rock New Song 2012

This music video is the summary of the 3 stories explored in our 4 part short story-based indie rock Music Video saga: ? WATCH THE WHOLE MUSIC VIDEO SAGA IN A PLAYLIST HERE:? www.youtube.com ?DOWNLOAD THE SONG On iTUNES:? bit.ly Or Bandcamp: bit.ly ? CHECK OUT ALL OF OUR MUSIC VIDEOS HERE:? www.youtube.com Epic Sad Dramatic and Dark Indie Rock Music — Download our album on iTUNES: bit.ly or Bandcamp: bit.ly CONFUSED ABOUT THE STORIES??? This is Part 4 of our 4 part indie rock music video saga presented by Awkward Moment Productions: bit.ly Each story presented here is explained in full in the other 3 videos! 1. CROSSDRESSER STORY “Stray Shadows” youtu.be 2. PUDDING CHEF STORY “X-Out” youtu.be 3. CON-MAN STORY “Sticks and Stones” youtu.be The trailer: www.youtube.com Blanket Barricade on FACEBOOK – on.fb.me Blanket Barricade on TWITTER – bit.ly Sign up for our uber-awesome mailing list this week: eepurl.com MUSIC VIDEO SAGA CREDITS: (released 2012) Executive Producer – Wesley Krauss Producer / Writer / Director – Marshall Axani Associate Producer – Chris Judson Director of Photography – Martin Dudzik Editor – Marshall Axani Color Corrector – Martin Dudzik Production Designers – Bardia Garshasebi & Janice Rae Bandmates – Wesley Krauss, Samuel Li, Mary-Lee Neron, Myles F, Steve McArthur CON MAN STORY CREDITS: Con Artist – John Shaw Masked Leader – Michael Fenske Father – Peter Krauss Victim – Jennifer Krauss Woman at Door – Mary Trainer Masked Figures – Wesley Krauss

3 Responses to “Epic Indie Music Video ? Just Because by Blanket Barricade ? Sad Dramatic Rock New Song 2012”

  1. bob dole says:

    You MUST wait for? the 2nd half of the song… You will not regret it!? Very EPIC!

  2. IrKeNoVa says:

    has been a journey to self-discovering, I think? it could have been more interesting if somehow the characters were related besides the feelings and worries, nevertheless, it leaves a very pleasant taste. My most sincere congratulations.

  3. IrKeNoVa says:

    something beyond enjoyment. Something so good, so perfect must be viewed again and again, to fully understand the profound meaning of the lyrics in accordance to the story presented by the videos. Perfect timing between the video and music, slow at the beginning, rising up to a crescendo on the most exciting part of the video, and descending to the final slow, quiet notes that tells us to sit back, relax and think of everything that has just happened.? Finally, this part as the others