Enbridge satire that was removed from Vancouver “Province” website

Animation by Dan Murphy, editorial cartoonist for Vancouver’s “The Province,” that was pulled from the newspaper’s website after a complaint from Enbridge. backofthebook.ca posts it here under fair use laws. Read the complete story at backofthebook.ca

14 Responses to “Enbridge satire that was removed from Vancouver “Province” website”

  1. dw declare says:

    on the contrary, it exemplifies and highlights how shitty the oil? industry is.

  2. djrj0 says:

    The fart noises really? diminish the credibility of this parody.

  3. kentucksoldiersson says:

    No? need for vulgar adolescent name-calling. No class.

  4. sjpw62 says:

    now? that is awesome wow

  5. writerboyjsl says:

    Actually some? of us do walk/cycle, asshole.

  6. aschuurmans says:

    I drive and yes I use oil products. But I won’t be using any of this oil…it will go to China. with its great? environmental and human protection rights programs.

  7. KennBurch says:

    OK….so most people at some point have used petroleum products. That doesn’t mean that NOBODY who’s done so has right to question the pipeline OR “fracking”

    After all…everybody poops, but that doesn’t mean we have no right to take issue with the price of toilet paper or the way your? town handles sewage treatment.

  8. ttfnjohn01 says:

    Great parody, Dan!

    Meanwhile Postmedia? let me introduce you to the Streisand Effect. Streisand Effect please meet Postmedia. Enjoy each other’s company!

  9. CanadaSteamBuff says:

    The Enbridge pipeline must never happen – it, along with the tankers will threaten one of the greatest wildlife treasures in the world – the Serengeti of Canada. Who benefits the most – China who gets the dirtiest oil on the planet and Alberta. The? selfish, money grubbing bastards who are pushing for this pipeline have no interests in preserving what makes Canada such a great nation! They have there heads in the sand about climate change and the need to develop alternate energy sources.

  10. jamierrich says:

    I hope all you supporters of this low brow BS walked to work today. You’ve all bought oil from a pipeline that has leaked at sometime or another; or? did you think gas was a magical liquid that just appeared in the pumps.

  11. denicemckillop says:

    Was Dan Murphy trying to say Enbridge Is shitting on us? I’d LOL but what? Enbridge is doing is just too evil.

  12. denicemckillop says:

    Too bad advertisers control the media and thereby the information we are able to evaluate. The original Enbridge commercials which aired on Canadian TV were abhorrent in their deceit. I applaud Dan Murphy who used their own? ads to brilliantly mock their advertising. Kudos to CBC for airing the interview. I hope this video goes viral!

  13. thebrews25 says:

    thank the harper government and there controlling the media we are just one step about from a nazi canada with stephen? and his gastepo controlling everything

  14. SueMcT24 says:

    Thanks Dan. I had felt very uncomfortable about the original ads and now, after seeing this version, my mind just inserts the black? oil plops and the fart sounds and I am now strangely smiling when I watch them.