EN | Bosch Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go function

ACC from Bosch can lessen the demands placed on the driver by assisting him/her to keep a predefined minimum distance to the preceding vehicle. ACC maintains…
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http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pplkb Tom Cruise chats about his first film ‘Risky Business’ and his famous catchphrases.

24 Responses to “EN | Bosch Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go function”

  1. fatabass says:

    It will blow up your car!?

  2. anrchst1905 says:

    these are all human functions.. just set your speed up to? 140 km/h and drive safely on the autobahn.. if a vehicle drives into the lane that you cruise on and the driver behind you can’t imagine that you have ACC system, than it is going to happen a rear-end collision..

  3. johnnyxp64 says:

    how will this ACC react? on a dog crossing the road suddenly when i am going for example 140 Kmhp????

  4. proserfina21096 says:


  5. TheMesoPeaks says:

    can’t wait for Jack Reacher? to come out on



  6. Johnnyboystrikesback says:

    Can Graham Norton kiss Tom Cruise’s? ass any harder?

  7. PowerWith Desire says:

    said. not “sayed”.? idiot.

  8. Jolie Jay-Anne says:

    He sayed? TOP GUN ! lol

  9. NapoleonSolo61 says:

    tom cruise, great? actor !!!

  10. Jon Therkildsen says:

    Cool dude,?

  11. Ellie Robson says:

    How can people not like? him on this he’s a cool actor

  12. Sonny Cerjak says:

    i watched this? for 7 seconds. couldnt stand it anymore. next video. click buhbye.

  13. EcirpWehttam says:

    He has such weird teeth…?

  14. MegaBalamb says:

    is the host dumb????

  15. coastwalker says:

    Yuck? the scientologist gets more free publicity

  16. kukkaFeatures says:

    I watched this, and later in the interview Tom looks even more uncomfortable, really awful. I think he’s had a gut full
    of being ‘Tom Cruise’. Graham has sold out too? doing this interview. I understand, ratings, blah blah blah showbiz 🙁

  17. FustigateCougar says:

    He actually is one? sick puppy, courtesy of Vanity Fair.

  18. FustigateCougar says:

    It’s actually pretty hard dealing with a? dickhead like Tom Cruise.

  19. kristianbejb says:

    Graman actually hasnt recognised the sentence for? risky buisiness.

  20. kristianbejb says:

    Tom is great forever.?

  21. CinematicMaj says:

    OMG thank you i was hoping? tom would do this show!!!!!!

  22. DayumBass says:

    Graham? is actually a year younger than cruise… hmm

  23. ilytakethat says:

    Out of camera at 2:22 he must have scratched up his hair,? he does it quite a bit normally anyway.

  24. ilytakethat says:

    Tom Cruise is genuinely the nicest, most charismatic person I’ve? ever met!