Early Vancouver

Vancouver Canada, early 1900 street film Granville, Hastings, Main, Cordova, Cambie, Robson, Davie, streets. Silent movie

18 Responses to “Early Vancouver”

  1. EvanTheBlue says:

    Great old video but yeah that music? … good thing I had a mute lol

  2. anthonymaw says:

    An interesting bit of trivia is that the American man who shot this old Vancouver footage went down with the Titanic on his return? trip from a filming expedition to Europe in 1912….what he shot on the 1912 streets of Paris, London, etc. lies at the bottom of the Atlantic….

  3. BGKO1992 says:

    i? wonder how is sex life back then

  4. carlingbusch says:

    thank god for the winter we had this yr? it was nothing got past -15 a couple times

  5. TheBestDocumentaries says:

    at least? you Vancourites dont hate Blacks, i feel better now…

  6. SeaCadet263 says:

    @worldofheadaches More like skyhorse lol?


    @adauto3000 actually Vancouver is relatively mild compared to other parts of Canada, its only below zero celsius 4? or 5 times a year. And in May (when this clip was taken) it would have been about 20 degrees. Still pretty cold compared to Brazil though :p

  8. adauto3000 says:

    I liked so much… The People against the cold! But I am a Brasilian Tropical man… I would like to understand how is to live the year? most part of the bellow zero celsius!!! So cold and this People, so active!!! Thanks for share!!

  9. Elmware says:

    I wonder if they had any collisions at first from people forgetting what sdide of the road to drive on? I remember reading that Canada used to drive on the left at one time as well, but switched over because of the US driving on? the right.

  10. Shademanuel says:

    Do you happen to know who shot? this and when exactly? And if it has any specific title?

  11. JillnRe says:

    Wow,? a Vancouver with little to none Asians or Indians!

  12. homophied says:

    sooo many? j-walkers LOL

  13. rebaskins says:

    Yeah I would agree with you,I was thinking? the same thing as I watched…Everyone in this video has lived and died,had kids,whove prolly died as well,ect ect

  14. skippy3860 says:

    This was filmed on May 7th, 1907. The filmaker perished? in the Titanic disaster 5 years later. Cars went over to the right hand side of the road in B.C. on New Year’s Day, 1923.

  15. Yarbo420 says:

    omg, worst? music EVER…

  16. Yarbo420 says:

    omg,? worse music EVER…

  17. justmks says:

    Looks like most of the cars back then only? had two horse power.

  18. igorbabichev says:

    Traffic rules were crazy. Trams always drive on the left side of the road.? However on certain streets carriages were going on the right side, and on the other on the left. Weird 🙂