Drive-By Compliments: VANCOUVER

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14 Responses to “Drive-By Compliments: VANCOUVER”

  1. karenk321 says:

    Y’all Canadians just? full of so much love… why did my great grandpa chose america over Canada to immigrate to!!

  2. az0963818 says:


  3. Ruffers97 says:

    Where? are they from.

  4. Diablo Incarnate says:

    John The Other is petitioning to call Vancouver – Mancouver! Please go to his channel to show your support to change the name of Vancouver to Mancouver to support men in their battle against feminism. Thank? you.

  5. Dymyrules says:

    in germany we do this with metal pounding out of the car and if someone complains,? we insult them.

  6. vampireine says:

    a mower rides through ur? hair ..

  7. jcbeavus38 says:

    maybe i dont know?? but my family has tea and buscuits and sometimes coffee, not with tea cos thats going to taste like shit.

  8. TheRealZenJax says:

    you should do a drive by compliment and then? switch to insult that would be great!!!

  9. MrCaptainObvious69 says:

    I thought it was? crumpets?

  10. jcbeavus38 says:


  11. jcbeavus38 says:

    people do this in Great Britain too, we throw tea and? biscuits st people. well i dont anyway.

  12. AussieVR4 says:


  13. Jalal Al-Shakhs says:

    yaaah, go on and do this here in Saudi Arabia, don’t worry i’ll? pay for your funeral

  14. evasivenose says:

    u look very? beautiful today 🙂 keep up being a jackass! ur doing great!