DREAM Dance Studio: Rhythm Influenced & Choreo Cookies Showcase

Rhythm Influenced (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Choreo Cookies (San Diego, California, USA) team up to showcase at a Choreo Cookies workshop (hosted by DREAM Dance Studio and Rhythm Influenced) in Sept 2009. Thank you again to Emmett, Mari, Keone and Dom for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come out to Van, inspiring everyone and just being down to earth as they are, see you guys soon! Many thanks to those who came out played and supported you all did great! Choreography: Jenn Galo, Keone Madrid, Dominic Byrd, Emmett Aguapay, Mari Martin Dancers: Jazmine Galang, Jasmine Savella, Jenn Galo, Anne Tran Savannara Peoung, Caroline Dao, Ashlie Tompkins, Melay Liamthongsavanh, Chris Bonus, Joe Tuliao, Andrew Galang, Gerwyn Frias, Elwin Alpuerto, Keone Madrid, Dom Byrd, Mari Martin, Emmett Agapay Subscriptions and updates: Keone: www.youtube.com Mari: www.youtube.com DREAM: www.facebook.com
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Vancouver Skytrain @ Waterfront Station Part 7 // 8 Part 1: VCC Clark – Brentwood Town Centre Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3A: www.youtube.com Part 3B: King Gergoe – 22nd Av Part 4: www.youtube.com Part 5: www.youtube.com Part 6: www.youtube.com Part 7: www.youtube.com Part 8: www.youtube.com Part 9: www.youtube.com Part 10: Waterfront – Joyce – Collingwood Part 11: Joyce Collingwood – Columbia Part 12A: Columbia – Prodution Way – University Part 12B: Coumbia – King Geroge Part 13: Production University – Commercail / Broadway Platfroms 1/2 Part 14: Commercail / Broadway Platfroms 1/2 – VCC Clark Via Cmerci’-Bway Lougheed, And Columbia
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19 Responses to “DREAM Dance Studio: Rhythm Influenced & Choreo Cookies Showcase”

  1. tambets95 says:

    their shit

  2. Scut1189 says:

    What the name of the thrid? song?

  3. svnara says:

    yeeeahhh yeahhh yeahhh!!!! good job everyone?

  4. The123567891011 says:

    first song is,… electrik red -drink in? my cup

  5. gotmilcah says:

    love? 🙂

  6. jsdumlRHS2011 says:

    what are the names? of the songs? I really like it!

  7. flipjayb says:

    naww mannngz abdc has a lot of full of suprises lol if u watched it a lot by now u should know how abdc goes its not only choreo but also the theme of the? competition that abdc gives

  8. hsmp363 says:

    …who’s harrassing whom?? i’m pretty sure i just made one comment on what i think? of a show.

  9. BBcouture09 says:

    this? dance!
    girls part=HAWT!

  10. hsmp363 says:

    i doubt it would be for sure… i mean, abdc isn’t just about straight up hip hop or choreo. it’s more about a? show with stunts and stuff. i think competitions like body rock give choreo cookies a better chance to show what they’re really about, without having to pretend they’re something they’re not.

  11. nanlinr says:

    haha you underestimate ppl on ABDC and SYTYCD then 😛

    But then again Keone and Mari are 2 of the best dancers I’ve ever seen so, who knows what’d happen if they actually? go on the show 🙂

  12. lilxaznxricexcake says:

    Choreo Killed It!!!!?

  13. lilxaznxricexcake says:

    there to? good for those shows

  14. zarinareed says:

    WOW!? amazing … just amazing!

  15. LilSallyMe says:

    what’s the? first song ?

  16. nugliglian says:

    little bit? by drake

  17. xspidermanxvudoo says:

    man im speechless, can u also imagine how incredible it would be to see mariel martin on SYTYCD, her moves? are soooo sick man, im looking forward to their workshop on the 23rd! omG!

  18. tensix says:

    Omg, nevermind I only? saw this comment now. HAHA! =p

  19. tensix says:

    Dominic? Byrd.