Dr. Ara Elmajian & Associates | Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver, BC based office of Dr. Ara Elmajian and associates is internationally renowned for diagnosing and treating chronic illness. It is unique in its multidisciplinary approach whereby a patient can be assessed and treated by a wide range of professionals who work closely together to individualize that patient’s program. Dr. Elmajian is the owner and founder of this unique clinic, which over the years has expanded to encompass a full service holistic practice combining dentistry and medicine. These two diverse practices are directly affiliated with one another and are crucial to Dr. Elmajian’s philosophy and approach to treating his patients. draraelmajian.ca Dental Office #701-805 West Broadway Vancouver, BC. Tel 604-876-9228 Medical Office #603 – 805 West Broadway Vancouver, BC Tel: 604-876-1150 youtu.be
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Pantera - Domination - GrooveThumper Drum Cover

Song – Domination Band – Pantera Album – Cowboys From Hell © Warner Music Group. All Rights Reserved. In honour of the Cowboys From Hell Re-release. This is DOMINATION. If Warner pulls this I’m gunna be pissed. Ps. Yes I did get a new drum set. 🙂 It’s a Pearl Reference kit, and I fucking LOVE IT!
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  1. debul17 says:

    executions? great! rock on dude!

  2. redeyesrossi420 says:

    got dude i want an oriental so bad

  3. treeant123 says:

    more? blast beats!

  4. milkandsugah says:

    hey, I have my splash? in the same place, right below the ride.

  5. Traxer23 says:

    And I’m in love with your chinese cymbal.?

  6. terrdoggs says:

    I meant one bad ass? cover MAN lol

  7. terrdoggs says:

    One badass cover band….are you in a band yourself??

  8. Anatullamia2160 says:

    Man i love ur drumming…waiting for? seeing u in VH1 or MTV….:)

  9. fecalseepage says:

    bad ass man……?

  10. HBKHardyCOB4eva says:

    Didn’t know Randy Blythe? played drums ^^

  11. MrInvisibleDrummer says:

    4:40? you must die fuking china!!!!!!!!

  12. totedrummer says:

    awesome? cover ,man!! i sub to your channel!

  13. jaasonrs says:

    Very? Good.

  14. razrazraz says:

    @aftabshawn that z custom crash didnt? last the early takes 🙂

  15. chaoqtvayabien says:

    I’m in love? with your ride cymbal

  16. DustinDev47 says:

    That is so? cool.

  17. matheuswylde says:

    You are one of the best? drummers on YouTube man !
    A lot of others guys are awesome too, but they don’t have the feeling that you have while playing, it’s funny to see them playing Dream Theater stuff like Ringo, haha … just a few guys do what you do dude… keep rocking man!!!