Dozens missing from stricken Italian cruise ship Dozens of people are still unaccounted for after a Mediterranean cruise ship ran aground off the west coast of Italy. Divers are searching the submerged decks of the Costa Concordia and coastguards are scouring the waters for survivors. Reports say the three people confirmed dead are two French tourists and a Peruvian crew member. The authorities are stressing that the number of missing has continued to come down as people’s whereabouts becomes known. Survivors described the scene as the ship hit the rocks.

24 Responses to “Dozens missing from stricken Italian cruise ship”

  1. obamarBLACKorWHITE says:

    HAHAHA,? italian, those restaurant and those service to tourist — italian are the worst

  2. LoveofAphrodite says:

    I pray this never happens again? 🙁

  3. ShAdOwzElectro says:

    We just piss italy when she makes a mistake.

    But the United States we do not even count the number of deaths they have caused by having the money? behind our backs.

  4. ceasarstitts says:

    Man that? captin is a dumbass who the hell would drive a cruise boat into shallow water

  5. RPGSn1per says:

    thumbs? down for the ad.

  6. LittleMissN1nja says:

    Shocking! Family members of those who’ve passed away thoughts and prayers are? with them hope they will find some peace. And the ones that are still missing hopefully they find them. Over all from what i think.. this whole ship accident was planned. Mistakes do happen.. but a ship full of maps/monitors/camera’s how can the captain make such mistake and run for his live! Disgusted hope he gets done for it the scrounge!

  7. VictrolaJazz says:

    Bruce Ismay? lives!

  8. ufofan1980 says:

    Kudos to the former captain for his massive fail. Let’s? nominate him for idiot of the month award. His prize will be charges of manslaughter for the people he left behind. Rot in jail you alfredo eating coward.

  9. ufofan1980 says:

    Eh, them Mossad agents are tricky? lol.

  10. impalakoala says:

    call the pope-ah he? is so a good

  11. MrRedPajamas says:

    Hey !!! Whatsa? matta you ????

  12. The8thDOCTOR says:

    Last recorded message of the ? Captain

  13. eagleofmiami says:

    Oh no!! Not another spaghetti? movie!!

  14. mookins45 says:

    Wow, you are one crazy old? nazi.

  15. 324Thedude says:

    Nope 13th just? a few minutes? before 12 o’clock

  16. Eng8492 says:

    Usually its a teenage chick? and daddy’s Correct Craft.

  17. irishrose101 says:

    it happened on the 14th?? ?

  18. davehillprague says:

    ? bombing Irak with phosphore bombs with your fellow yankees is a real brave act uh?

  19. P1mpMyBr1de says:

    Cowardly Captain. The Captain is supposed to be 1st on and last off? his ship. British Captains would prefer to go down with the ship. Italian cowards!

  20. 324Thedude says:

    isnt it kind off weird that that it happend on? the Friday the 13th? and just 100 years after the titanic?

  21. chazchazfbi says:

    I heard? the captain had a few to many and thought he was parking is FIAT .

  22. chazchazfbi says:

    Never leave the? Organising to Italians ….

  23. 1EVLBRD350 says:

    thats a pretty? bold statement dick head

  24. sandismith29 says:

    1212 storm? that is a terrible thing to say. U sound anti- Israel & Jewish. Sound like u support Al-quida