Downtown Granville Street Celebration for the Vancouver Canucks – May 24, 2011 – HD –

Following Game 5 of the Western Conference NHL Hockey Finals, fans took to Downtown Vancouver’s Granville Street to celebrate the Vancouver Canucks eliminating the San Jose Sharks, to earn the franchise a spot in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 17 years. was on scene to capture this exclusive footage, which was reminiscent to the 2010 Olympic spirit in Vancouver! The last time the Vancouver Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup Finals was in 1994, with a losing effort in Game 7 against Mark Messier and the New York Rangers. The only other time the Canucks contended for the Stanley Cup was in 1982, losing to Mike Bossy and the New York Islanders. For more information, visit: Copyright ©
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13 Responses to “Downtown Granville Street Celebration for the Vancouver Canucks – May 24, 2011 – HD –”

  1. GHLAH says:

    i really really miss my favorite city ( Vancouver ). The amazing? city in the world. i really love it .
    i had a great memories in Vancouver. T_T
    give me like plz to show all the people what i feel .

  2. Yorgothegreek says:

    Who knew all this would turn to smoke? and fire….everyone

  3. cindilette says:

    @totti10al7rbi: At least they make our economy richer xD?

  4. mrceebees14 says:

    Way to destroy your own city? retards.

  5. totti10al7rbi says:

    they lost coz Vancouver full of Chinese haha?

  6. leafyutube says:

    Vancouver? Cannot.

  7. bogie9985 says:

    ha haaaaa u lost? again

  8. bogie9985 says:

    ha haaaaa? u lost again

  9. algerietlemcen9 says:

    i never say, ure jealous. read goodly please. u will see next year who will win, maybe? the cup.

  10. sasprawler says:

    how am i jealous? my team won the cup so i’m perrfectly fine. Yeah that’s right you THINK you guys beat Buston but i hate to inform you that you didn’t. And you can go on and on about how you guys took them to overtime,? but at the end of the day, you guys didn’t do much better. They won the cup and you guys lost in round 1. Deal with it.

  11. algerietlemcen9 says:

    jealous, u say. try to see the serie with markov gorges and pacioretty. i think the serie did not finish in 7 for the bruins. It would be finished in 4 for montreal, don’t forget that 3 games? finished in Overtime for the bruins. so u were locky last year. in 2012, habs will win the cup

  12. sasprawler says:

    hahaha habs suck just jealous cuz boston keepps eliminating? you

  13. bcnewsvideo says:

    This looks like my video from? YouTube I hope it’s not