Downhill From Here Vancouver Part 2 (Episode 4)

Preston and Micah reach the end of their journey in a huge skate session with Patrick Switzer, Cameron Frazier, and Mike Slota along with many others in Vancouver. They take a jaunt up the Sea to Sky Highway for some downhill before ending up on some steeps back in town. Spills and thrills in this episode featuring Patrick Switzer, Cameron Frazier, Mike Slota, Tony Graves, and Graeme Hystad. Thank you for the permission to ride and film Britannia. Spotters and 2 way communications where used. Anyone caught on at race event location without permission from the organizers or community will put long established annual events in jeopardy. We understand not everyone can race or has leathers, that’s why UNKLE is planning a 2012 FREERIDE event Sept. 2nd and 3rd. For more details about the Race and Freeride check out UNKLE’s site here Rules For Contest Subscribe for a chance to win. Winners will be picked Dec. 15th
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nardwuar interviews Drake and “40” in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “Downhill From Here Vancouver Part 2 (Episode 4)”

  1. Mrscater2012 says:

    wish i could? join ur group but I’m in australia

  2. crazybanana555 says:

    contact me on fb benji? i have things u might want to know

  3. crazybanana555 says:

    i would? like to know this too

  4. thirtytwo1000 says:

    does the skate happen every week and? on what day?

  5. Drummer68100 says:

    7.38 GANJA?

  6. MiniShred88 says:

    @SuperLongboardingFTW Vndetta cos it has no flex so you can do pretty much do? anything with it

  7. kurtisdawe11 says:

    sick sick? sick!!! reppin cap hill!!!!!!

  8. SuperLongboardingFTW says:

    thinking of getting a new board so what you thin… other? a wayne vendetta or a original apex 40

  9. LakewoodBoarders says:

    pswiss on rayne? now ftw

  10. WRCbuddy says:

    Can you make more? videos 🙂

  11. LedZoSoZep says:

    How the hell do the cameramen bomb all these? hills?

  12. collinjayme says:

    No problem! They’re all written and recorded by yours truly, Jayme Rogers – You can find them all on iTunes if ya? want

  13. WRCbuddy says:

    Thanks!! How do you guys find? out about these songs?

  14. collinjayme says:

    “What? If” by Jayme Rogers

  15. WRCbuddy says:

    6:35 what song? is that

  16. accelerator65 says:

    xD Preston threw the mini!?

  17. SpazMcJesus says:

    i love going to BCIT? skates 😀

  18. collinjayme says:

    Heyooo, the song? is Roller Rink Low by Jayme Rogers, you should be able to find it on most music stores

  19. TheElfella says:

    4:19 No! Mama said this is not your? present for Christmas

  20. LolahhWasHere says:

    It’s weird how much? he annunciates his words compared to other rappers. lol

  21. AsiaDanielle22 says:

    Lmao @ his? laugh.

  22. xSereneWolverine says:

    “is it over?”? LMAO

  23. MisterRaiizz says:

    it was 4 times, not? 24

  24. almirUT says:

    how does? that make someone gay?

  25. smokexmuzik says:

    All it takes is one click and If you have enough time to fall asleep, why not help a dream to come true? I? promise that you won’t regret it.

  26. 3z3pepito says:

    As a? producer, i love 40!!!

  27. MrPancake399 says:

    Nardwuar always makes it awkward at the end of? his interviews.

  28. MasterAracnideo says:


  29. smokexmuzik says:

    All it takes is one click and If you have enough time to fall asleep, why not help a dream to come? true? I promise that you won’t regret it.

  30. zCyraxL says:

    why does that weirdo put the freakin? mic so close to their face

  31. smokexmuzik says:

    I am probably the greatest rapper unsigned, not to sound cocky, I just know I’m that good and If you take the time to? listen to my music, my promises you won’t regret that decision.

  32. smokexmuzik says:

    All it takes is one click and If you have enough time to fall asleep, why not help a dream to come true? I promise that you won’t regret it. ?

  33. iistilly1 says:

    4 or 500 bras thats? some serial killer shit

  34. eezee83 says:

    Drake will come out of? the closet someday

  35. chickenwityamz says: