Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

Don’s piano desk helps emphasize his arguments. By no means am I trying to make fun of Don in this video, I think he’s great and every bit as entertaining as the sport he contributes so much to. Don Cherry’s Piano Desk is just meant for a quick laugh based on a small observation.

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22 Responses to “Don Cherry’s Piano Desk”

  1. DereksPlaylist says:

    I’m from Toronto and? it’s pronounced “Trawna”.

  2. mkochczynski says:

    So it’s pronounced? Tah-rann-tah now?

  3. azn88hunni says:

    Even with the piano accompaniment this? still manages to piss me off. God I hate Coach’s Corner with their completely biased comments, Ron MacLean’s snivelling, fawning face and Don Cherry’s uncontrollable ranting…ARRGGHH

  4. harcklan says:

    “I cheered for? the Toronto Maple Leafs ever since I was a boy…”

  5. meatheadmerlin says:


  6. outsiderT0013 says:

    One thing? I would like to know is what was used on the desk to prevent Don from leaving fingerprints.

  7. erecktshawn says:

    0:26? Will he? Will he?!?!? NO HE WON’T!!!?

  8. 0606spartan says:

    what the hell did he? say at 0:24?

  9. Giratina70 says:

    anyone who says the hands are mixed up are wrong. a piano’s higher notes are on? the right side, played by the right hand, whereas the lower notes are left hand. and if you went behind don cherry, the higher “notes” are being “played” by his right hand, thus, the configuration is correct!

  10. SecretGrenadeStash says:


  11. Lindholmer5k says:

    thats my point.? isnt it suppose to be the other way around?

  12. selannekariya says:

    I would have thought that would have been a penalty, drawing blood like? that. Poor Sid but he got his revenge mwa ha ha

  13. MBeezy34 says:

    crosby’s usually bleeding out of his other? set of lips

  14. TLuscious29 says:


  15. party1rocken says:

    stefanB comedy.1 granny Ripper assbook .2? blonde know sex with Lars Knoll .3 Neil Cockstrong first words on the moon music we are dancing

  16. party1rocken says:

    stefanB comedy.1 granny Ripper assbook .2 blonde know sex with Lars Knoll .3 Neil Cockstrong? first words on the moon music we are dancing

  17. Optika5 says:

    das war noch das wahre gesicht? der schweizer natinalmanschaft!

  18. BostonCreamDonut says:

    Domenichelli is Canadian lol, but choosed to play for the Swiss internationally well because if he? ever wanted to see international hockey it sure wasn`t going to be on team Canada.

  19. Relbl says:

    He’s got a pretty sweet assassin? face after the goal too

  20. crazyperson3245 says:

    ahah? first swiss shooter was canadian

  21. JHaFinland says:

    What a brilliant shot by Crosby 2:11:41 –>?

  22. Urdoa94 says:

    Schwiiz <3? 🙂