“Diva” Cupcake

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

“Diva” Cupcake
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by sea turtle
"Chocolate cake with pink vanilla butter cream, finished with pink sugar crystals."

Michael ate one of these.

Original Cupcakes, on Denman Street in Vancouver’s West End.

skytrain front seat (retreating)
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by jj look
still on that front front seat tip, admittedly in September

Vancouver British Columbia
Image by nep

14 Responses to ““Diva” Cupcake”

  1. dmoola says:

    ooooh, one here please *holds out hands*

  2. Woollylicious Cafe says:

    Sooo pretty! Love the close-up!

  3. ERIK98122 says:

    Must have!

  4. MichaelChuck says:

    I love the DIVA!

  5. Rodrigo Perez says:

    Eles deixam voce sentar na lá frente?

  6. jj look says:

    você pode sentar-se na muito frente ou o muito traseiro…


  7. icathing says:

    That kicks ass!

  8. tizbarb says:

    wow! I love it

  9. Rachael Ashe says:

    Weeeeeeeeeee! Can we go faster???

  10. -Antoine- says:


  11. filmgoerjuan says:

    That’s one of those grey, waffle-looking buildings on Georgia between Burrard and (closer to) Thurlow.

  12. Mussels says:

    Specifically it’s the 1075 West Georgia St building. My other office is there. . . .

  13. nep says:

    It’s also where I got my car insurance. Correct!

  14. jmv says:

    I like this building quite a lot for a skyscraper. It seems ‘European’ to me for some reason…(ps: this pic looks freaky when you scroll up and down the screen with your mouse!)