Disney’s THE LION KING – Classroom Education Series – Part 4: An Actor Prepares

Go behind the scenes as Scar prepares for the show. For a study guide, visit www.lionking.com Connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com
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13 Responses to “Disney’s THE LION KING – Classroom Education Series – Part 4: An Actor Prepares”

  1. HuntressJohanna says:

    George’s right! Playing the villain is fun!? I know.

  2. allisonthecat says:

    Of course now problem? your genuses with you mind and body!!!

  3. sunnygirl523 says:

    well thank you me too my dream is to become a broadway star? and be in broadway musicals just like this one <3

  4. allisonthecat says:

    This is exactly why I’ve always admired and respected actors and actresses, still? dol.

  5. MrBroadway830 says:

    “Well you guys are gonna stay in? and I’ve got some children to scare.”

  6. TheCrazyCoasterKid says:

    They boo? I would clap like crazy! That must be? a really hard part to play.

  7. spotoftrouble says:

    It’s amazing what make up and costume can do. The whole puppetry and costuming for the Lion King fascinates me. Nothing else like it? :’)

  8. JustforThisMoment1 says:

    Its amazing how heavy some? costumes are!

  9. kimdung2728 says:

    Where can I watch the full original Lion King please ? (Musical not? movie)

  10. visceru92 says:

    I didn’t boo for Scar I? clapped the loudest for him

  11. mebesutton says:

    ”im dead, thats? great, go bow, they boo” :L

  12. zac613 says:

    mine too. he is a true diva!? lol

  13. ingrid98R says:

    scar is my fav character in all the movie? of the lion king