destinationsinflorida.com or 877-918-8941 Our review The start of the Disney Dream cruise began in the terminal, but your first experience with the cruise ship included your grand entrance into the main atrium on the cruise ship, which seems ENORMOUS! A 12 foot long crystal chandelier hangs…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Ronnie Magrehbi says:

    Amazing? tour. well Done. i am going to be on that ship Tomorrow The 27th of september. And going to be there for 4 days.

  2. USFanLovesMinHo says:

    Disney is a class? act!!!

  3. ada smith says:

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  4. lacey12358 says:

    I’m going there some day because my? littol sis had cance. there is thing called make a wish.

  5. Andy Lam says:

    I? was on that cruise ship last week.

  6. ziuahfw says:

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  7. Ismi Rusydi says:

    kayak titanic aja? *.*

  8. MultiDonuts101 says:

    This? was like the best cruise ever 😀

  9. cassheat1 says:

    The caribbean trip was VERY relaxing, but i just went on the mediterranean cruise with my big family and that was truly an amazing experience. It all depends on your preference and where you would like to travel to. All i have to say is the best way to travel? is through Disney Cruise Line. I cannot speak enough about how much my family enjoyed it. We made memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy!

  10. cassheat1 says:

    The swimming area is big, there is always ton of room. There are always a billion activities going on that you probably will not be at the pool for? long. To watch the shows and movies are included in the cruise cost. I have only been on the magic and the ship is amazing. I will be going on the fantasy very soon and will let you know what ship is better but honestly there is no way you will be disappointed.

  11. cassheat1 says:

    I am going again in december, and i am 17 years old. BEST VACATION EVER. you are? never too old for a disney cruise <3

  12. cicgirl123 says:

    I’m going in January or? February

  13. ClariCOKKIE says:

    I’m going this Sunday!!!!! Hope to? be entertained!

  14. purplepancake915 says:

    im? going in january

  15. booboo3luv says:

    there is a? variety of pools… adults, kids, family, etc.
    no you don’t it comes with the cruise 😉
    definitely the dream <3
    and i would think bahamas bc they private island is great!!
    hope that helped 😉

  16. Jalenators says:

    I wanna go on here sooo badly!? The activities here looks sooo fun and so r the restaurants! I saw on Disney channel lol

  17. TwincessJ says:

    On the fantasy, when the kids clubs closed we would go lay in the lobby and stare up at the chandelier.? We could stay their till maybe 4 before we went back. We didn’t even get yelled at!

  18. wjkilgjslk says:

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  19. miaminero says:

    Going on? may 10 can’t wait

  20. CatrickAnimator84 says:

    IM? GOING IN 6 DAYS!!!:D