Disney Cruise Line

Ripped from the DVD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Disney Cruise Line”

  1. Allison Acrobat says:

    I went on this cruise it’s so fun! But? really expensive.

  2. mmattmendoza5 says:

    he put? it 2 months before dude

  3. novioboy10 says:

    That? date already passed.

  4. paristhefarmer says:

    best cruise ever, i wish? i could go on a disney cruise again right now XDD

  5. AnimalAnimeFan says:

    Disney is for adults to enjoy too!! lol?

  6. seano1515 says:

    Best vacation? ever. Period.

  7. cantalope67 says:

    All it? takes is money and lots of it

  8. monkeyfreek321 says:

    I’m going on a Disney magic cruise that leaves from? NYC on June 22! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  9. maddie47753 says:

    I like the video but? I wish it wasn’t fuzzy

  10. psalvacion says:


  11. becsta457639 says:

    Have a? great time!

  12. johnsy54 says:

    Well, we really? can’t go there…..

  13. psalvacion says:

    Then you should? go!

  14. johnsy54 says:

    I really? want to go there….

  15. mia101cake says:

    man i? can’t wait to go there next year it is going to be fun i and i cant not wait but things are what you can pay

  16. psalvacion says:

    Me? too!

  17. psalvacion says:

    Yes! Lots of fun things to? do there

  18. johnsy54 says:

    is? it fun inside there?

  19. cheeto705 says:

    I am going? on Disney fantasy

  20. QueMinecraft says:

    i went tyer a week? ago…..good times.:-)